How to Choose an Eyeliner Applicator

Eyes are the most delicate feature of our face. While doing make up special attention should be given to eyes to look attractive and beautiful. But most people don’t pay attention to it. You can make your eyes look attractive and charming by using suitable eyeliner applicator. Eye liner applicator should be chosen according to the look you want. Here are some tips of choosing best eyeliner applicator according to your eyes and looks.

Look Which You Desire:

Before choosing any eye liner applicator make sure which look you desire it helps you a lot in selecting applicator as they are made according to the looks people wants. 
For example if you want to go for thick eyeliner then use brush form of eyeliner applicator and for those who wants to apply thin then brush with few hairs is perfect for them.

Examine Your Lifestyle:

Your makeup should be fit in your personality, body shape and your skin tone
The next thing which is not to forget is the occasion for which you are doing your make up. Your makeup should compliment the occasion.

Choose According To Your Comfort Level:

If you use eyeliner on daily basis, then go for the one you can easily apply anywhere according to your comfort zone. For this try out different eyeliner applicator and select the one which you can handle the best.

Go For Quality Not For Quantity:

Always remember low quality and cheap products always give untidy appearance so better to select good quality products of trustworthy brands like L’Oreal, Lancôme, Sephora.

Types Of Eyeliner Applicator:

There is variety of eyeliner applicators available at market it’s depending upon you which suits you the best according to your look and eyes. Mostly the types that are easily available at store are regular brush, point-liner brush, felt-tip pen and pencil eyeliners.

1. Brush form:

If you want command in applying eyeliner then best to choose brush. You can try out different shade using brush. Applying eyeliner through brush gives you decent look and it’s the easiest way to apply eyeliner through brush.

2.Point-Liner Brush:

Point liner brush comes along with liquid eyeliner. By using this brush you can give yourself deep and bright look.

3.Felt-Tip Pen:

They are like point liner brush the only difference is in the brush and pen form. It is also use to apply liquid eyeliner.

4.Pencil Form:

They are very easy to use. One who can feel difficulty in applying eyeliner should try this form. But the hold is important while applying it otherwise it will mess up your entire look. You can apply it starting with inner edge of eye moving towards outer edge. It will give you elegant look.


  • At the beginning of applying eyeliner start with thin line, if u want thick then trace the thin line as much as you desire.
  • If you find any difficulty in holding the hand then place your elbow in resting position on solid surface then apply eyeliner it helps a lot.
  • Eyes are the most appealing part of your face so be careful in applying eye makeup.

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