How to Choose Hair Color to Minimize Facial Redness

Your hair color best express your personality and explains your looks. People dye their hairs according to their face complexion. Some people who have redness on their face due to acne are very confused that what color should be adapted to minimize the effects of redness. For the sake of this, they experiment a lot but sometimes didn’t reach to the conclusion and at the end they comes up with disastrous looks which they by themselves not accept. By selecting perfect hair color, you can reduce the effects of redness on you face or sometimes your hair color compliment with the redness of skin. This article will help you to choose the best hair color according to your complexion to reduce the redness of your skin.

Analyze your skin tone:

Skin tone is of two types either warm or cold. Warm tone people are more prone to get tan in sunlight. Judge your wrist vein color if they are green then you have warm skin tone and if they are of blue then you have cool skin tone. Golden color suits best with warm tone and ash, is most suitable for cool tone. Analyzing your skin tone is the basic step to further proceed towards perfect selection of color.

Wipe out Redness:

Selection of color according to your skin tone is the next step. If your skin having warm tone than use shade of golden in your hairs. If your skin has cool tone then ash color is best suited to avoid redness or lowering its effect. Use of blue undertone for warm skin is also very effective.

Use of Neutral Shade:

Use of neutral shades like beige, honey, brown, ash color is suited to both warm and cool tone of skin and reduces the effects of redness on skin to its maximum. Both warm and cool tone people can use these colors without any hesitation.

Use of Multi-Shades:

Sometimes when you are, confused between two to three colors then the best thing to do is go for multi-shades. Use of highlights and lowlights gives classic looks to your hairs. Both warm and cool skin tone people can adapt multi hair colors to reduce redness of face.

Rose Blonde Color:

Rose blonde color goes with natural skin tone. It will help in lessen the redness of your skin to very much extent. It reduces the harsh effect of redness. 7R Saharan rose is recommended, it have strawberry blonde touch, which gives you fantastic looks.

Cool Blonde Color:

Mixture of two colors gives you charming effects and helps in reducing your redness. They usually contain red and light brown color and these two colors have capability to overcome the redness of your skin. “Paul Mitchell CB Cool Blond”, is available in market in different tints and shade for this purpose.

Use of Natural Brown:

Brown color has property of reducing redness of your skin cool natural brown color application can work best for this purpose. L’Oreal Maj- lift 607 is very popular these days in market and give best results. 

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