Turn Dry Skin into Rosy Look by Applying Foundation

Dealing with dry skin is not an easy task. It needs extra care to choose right cosmetics for your dry skin which are oil balanced and prevent skin from pigmentation and acne which is a major problem with dry skin. Same is the case with makeup material if it suits your dry skin or not. But that’s not a big issue now a day. Dry skin can be presented as glowing and spot free by using correct foundation or it can be awkward by applying unsuitable foundation. Your choice play crucial role. Basically you can hide lines and spot masterly by choosing right foundation. So be choosy in it.

Market is whelmed with different kinds of foundation keeping your skin type in mind. Dry skin goes with herbal foundation, mineral foundation and aqua base foundation. These products not only give glowing mark to your skin but nourish your skin respectively. So you can avail two in one benefits from these foundations. Such foundations are quite costly comparatively to other ordinary foundations. But when it comes to your skin sensitivity there should be no sacrifice.
Some simple practices of routine require your attention and you will able to give your dry skin a glowing touch.

Secure Moisture while washing face

applying foundation
Your skin has its own moisture that fight against skin damages. While washing face keep in mind to secure that moisture. Many soaps and face wash are available in market. Soaps contained detergent element which is bitter for dry skin. Try some face wash for specifically dry skin. There are glycerin based soaps, aqua base face washes, gel based soaps and face wash. A huge range is lying in market. You pick the one that gives you most payback. Your first priority should be clean and clear face without spoiling your real moisture on face. Wash your face with face wash gently without rubbing on face and then soak face with soft tissue paper.

Load the Moisture to remove Deficiency

Apply moisture on your clean face. Once again moisturizer should be for dry skin specially. In this regard your attention is worthy at the time of buying the product. Do read the label and ingredient in the product. Oil base or liquid base is terms used for dry skin and oily skin respectively. Having dry skin you will go with oil base. One thing to consider is weather outside. Dry skin becomes drier in winters so apply a little more moisture to fill up extra need of moisture. In summers dry skin doesn’t suffer much but exercise of washing face increased, so there is always need of moisture in summer also.
Apply gently on upside of cheeks bone and near the nose bone and under eyes. These are the area’s most affected by dryness. Absorb with fingertips and leave for some sec to let the skin sock the moisture. You can sweep up a little hand of tissue where it feels unnecessary moisture. Now you are ready with blush face to apply foundation.

Foundation to add glimmer

Moisturizing is ok until curing dry skin but foundation is one step ahead when you are going to prepare for some gathering and facing people. You must come up with foundation base that doesn’t show dry impact on face but add sparkling element to your face. Before giving it a final take, first experiment it in idle time so you can avoid troubles while blending. As foundations are of different types and materials there need different techniques to wear them on face.  Apply the foundation chosen for your dry skin on cheekbones, forehead, and lips’ side area. Merge it well with sponge. Don’t go on applying foundation one and after. Give one deliberate coat and let the skin go well matched with it. Don’t ignore neck area and ears. Ignoring them will ruin your foundation made impact and give you contrast shads at same time. Examine all the face parts in light. Light arrangement is must while applying foundation. Apply foundation in maximum light to get best results. Go on applying nice coating just to enhance your personality not to overwhelm by over shading of foundation. See your image in mirror and feel like there was no mark of dryness on your face.  

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