Easy Hair Styling Tips to Fix a Bad Hair Day

A day having hair style of your choice makes it an elegant day as you keep your hair moving in same direction as you want. The next day you tried the same style, but hairs cannot get managed in same way. You get irritated with this situation and want to handle it in any way. Hairs are not in a position as they were in previous day. To solve this problem some tips are there.

For solving bad hair day ponytail is the best option

Ponytail gives you an attractive and charming gaze if you have suffered a bad hair day. It does not let your hair to disturb the hair style. Try to adapt some new styles in ponytails on occasions like grip your hair with a band and remaining hairs divided in two halves and fix them also in band. This will add volume to your ponytail also giving it a new look. You can also decorate your ponytail with accessories, pins and hair bands. Strands of hairs waving on your face also make you more beautiful. Loose ponytail is a new fashion and looks elegant.

Curling and spikes

easy hairstyles
Curly hair on an occasion looks different and feels that it is a very time-consuming hairstyle. It is very easy to make curls, just need a brush and hair blower and special technique to move brush. These enhance your beauty a lot. For spikes, you require hair gel and hair sprays as they have to be set on their position.

Talcum powder use for oily hairs

Oil can be absorbed by talcum powder if spreading is done on hairs by using hands. But avoid applying too much of it as it can damage your hair. Daily shampoo usage destroys your hair, so that is remedy for oily hairs.

Chic hair accessories

Hair accessories are very modish, used to mask many hair problems. Many trendy accessories are easily accessible in any market, could be cheap or costly depending on quality. These may be hair bands, hair clips, hair pins and hairpiece of different kinds and looks. You can choose according to your requirement, hairstyle, dress code and on its suiting ability. Many pearls, flowers and beats can also be used to make your hair prominent. You can get hair accessories in any color, size and shape like flowers, butterflies, charming designs and cartoons. By their use you look attractive, modish and chic. You can also highlight your ponytail with beads, pearls and flowers use.

Scarf and hats for a cultural look

A bad hair day also provides an offer to you to wear a scarf or hat if you likes to wear them. When you do not have enough time to manage your dull hairs or in emergency, then wearing a scarf or hat is the best option. Scarf in every color and design are easiest approach for getting a cultural nice look, on any party or function. Hats in different styles are available; you can choose any one which suits your dress code and face shape.

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