How To Treat Sun Damaged Skin

Human nature can never be satisfied. It’s an observable verity known to all. We always fancy for the things we do not have and always overlook to value what we seize. Different skin tones are instituted in different parts of the world. In Asian countries people with pale and yellow toned skin are found, whereas in western countries people with white complexions are notified and in African countries dark and dull complexion are observed. People with dark skin always fancy for white shiny skin and endeavor to get it. Similarly in western countries it is observed that people with white complexion purposely sits under the scorching sun to tanned their skin and make it a little dark as dim skin tone fantasize them. These people enjoy lying in the sun when the weather is all warm and cozy but frequent sitting for years can damage your skin adversely. Not all damages are reversible some measures can be taken to nurse back your healthy young skin.

Overexposure of skin to UV sun rays can cause early age wrinkle and age spot and may get worse to skin cancer. These damages are not evident to us instantly, sun damages are seen over time and its symptoms are shown steadily. The heat that comes in direct contact from the sun breaks up the collagen and elastic of our skin. Some effective measures can be taken to shun the damage and revamp the original skin.

Sunscreen Moisturizer!

damaged skin
Sun tanning can become a very serious problem especially in summers. Use a good sunscreen before heading out. Sunscreen with SPF 15-30 is recommended by the dermatologist to shield your skin from high radiated sun rays. Moisturizing your tanned skin helps in making it wrinkle free. 

Remedial Products!

Use the skin products that offer natural ingredients e.g. honey, aloe Vera, coffee berry and green tea. These products will naturally protect your skin and helps in the production of new cells. Use of skin products that contain Vitamin A makes your damaged skin softer, glowing and a bit younger. Retinoid a chemical is appraised in beauty products because of its efficiency and effectiveness. Aloe Vera gel is another magical cure for sun damaged skin. Similarly products that offer milk cream, lemon juice; olive oil and vinegar heal sunburn and lighten up your tan. Potato juice and cabbage both contain vitamin C have also found effective in treating the sun burn and damaged skin.

Non- Surgical Treatments to annul the Sun damaged Skin:

Skin peelings!

Skin peeling is a new course of action used to peel off and shed the sun damaged skin. Skin resurfacing is used to bring back person’s smooth and soft skin in a matter of few days. It is recommended to consult a dermatologist for this treatment. Try to avoid any fatal causes and side effects.

Laser Therapy – Microderm!

Microderm is another exfoliating treatment. It is a laser therapy used to exfoliate your skin by eradicating your upper layer and infiltrate beauty products that build up the collagen. Professional dermatologists are licensed to do this treatment. Copious sitting are required to see the significant improvement and best results. Be careful with your skin after microderm treatment; avoid direct exposure to skin rays.

Deterrence is better than Treatment !

  • Wear your sunscreen before heading out to moisturize your skin from SPF
  • Moisturize your skin deeply after prolonged exposure to sun
  • Try to purchase the sunscreen that suits your skin and the one that contains SPF 15-30.
  • If the damage gets severe consult a dermatologist without prolonging it and severing the damage.
  • Increase the intake of water to keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid heading out in peak sun times.
  • Cover yourself properly while going out.

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