Hair Color Ideas - Find the Right Natural Dye Color for Your Hair

In this modern age, woman is equivalent partner of man in every field of life. To compete with this growing and succeeded world a graceful, modern and astonishing personality is the way to success. Hairs, if they get grey or for a modern look can be dye with different hair colors. These hairs dye can be synthetic or natural available in different color shades. This dye plays an important role in increasing the charming looks of women and makes them more attractive.  Anyone should select a dye by keeping in mind many aspects like skin tone, eye color, and time retention of dye. Some of the lines given below may guide you to choose a hair dye for you.

Sticking for a modish gaze

Anyone can try this modern hair style. It is in from many years, but still many people are wearing this hairstyle. It suits to almost everyone if she maintains it in a proper way. In this, some hair are dye with dark shade of brown, maroon or golden and some with anyone of the light shades. The shades of red and blue are also using in it these days for a very modern look. Artificial sticking extensions are also available in market, if you do not like permanent hair coloring. Any modern haircut especially layers make you more elegant and pretty.
hair color ideas

Dye hair with henna

Henna is a natural dye available in powder form and also in liquid form in market. It is dried powder of leaves, which gives amazing shades of brown color when mixed with water. The darkness of color depends upon the quality, and time of applying its paste. Many brands of henna are available in market. They have added chemicals in them which enhance color in a short time, but these are dangerous for our skin and hairs. If you grew up a henna plant in your home, then use it for coloring your hair. It will dye them as well as makes them healthy and nourishing. This dye stays for a short time, maybe for few weeks or month, but you can increase time by applying it again and again.

Available dye in the market for ladies

Many attractive dye shades are available specifically for ladies. Anyone has to choose hair dye in accordance to her skin tone, and eye color. It is not always proven bad to try new and different hair colors like some dark and high lightning shades. You can also dye your half length of hairs with a different dye. It is not compulsory that you use a dye to hide grey hair only. You can also try them for a new gorgeous looks. Skin tone is the main point to be kept in mind as if a dye does not suit you it can make you ugly.  A wide range of shades from dark black to dull golden are available in market. It is a sensitive matter of your hair health so, avoid too much dye usage, and purchase a branded dye or a pure natural dye.

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