Tips to Growing Longer, Healthier Hairs

Long, shiny, bulky and healthy hairs are God's benedictions now in such stressful world. Everyone likes to have long and healthy hairs. Some stars use wigs for long hair, but it’s a tough job for a normal class person to buy these unaffordable extensions. They can follow these tips to fulfill their dream of long and healthy hairs. These are very easy just precautionary tips to avoid your hair from further damage.

Regular trimming makes hairs healthy:

When our hair becomes dry and shows split ends due to their brittle nature, they give ugly look to your hair also changes their color and texture. To get rid of them you have to cut them on regular basis. This provides your hair enough time to get healthier and thicken their diameter. Trimming is necessary for rapid increased length and growth of hairs. After a gap of three to four months, visiting to parlor for trimming of hairs one inch to half inch is necessary. Trimming of dyed hair is also must as they are more sensitive type of hairs.

Vitamins role in healthy hairs:

healthier hairs
Vitamins are essential part of our diet as they are required by us in daily normal metabolism. These are co-factors and enzymes in our various biological systems. Hair growth is one of them. Some vitamins like Pantothanic acid helps reduce the hair fall and makes them stronger. Biotin, Folic acid and Inisitol are also vitamins which performs various functions in hair growth and development. They regulates blood flow in scalp so, have to be taken in diet or via supplements.

Tight ponytail breaks hair:

Tightness causes hairs to get compressed under pressure and they can get broken if weak at that point. Ponytail selection and accessories choice is also becomes essential in hair caring. The style and use of clips and bands should be loose. If they have such designs that your hair get entangled in it then avoids them. But, some elders saying is that tight ponytail makes your hair healthier. Some people also follow these words and saying.

Doctor’s suggestions and hair replacement products:

If you are regular in oiling, moisturizer use, have proper diet and care of your hair then you will have healthier hairs. Any problem of hairs should be consulted with your doctor and should follow his suggestions of using hair replacement. It helps make hairs thick, bulky and strong.

Lessen the use of hair styling tools:

Drying the wet hair is also a very sensitive matter as many ways at present are used. The one way is the use of dryers and blowers, also for styling we use hot iron rollers, straightener. These appliances use heat to do this which absorbs our hair moisture and makes them sensitive to harsh air. Always try to dry your hair in natural air and use heat resistance shampoos if you use hair tools. Different brands are offering such shampoos which have gentle nature. In case you use these tools in a hurry then try to use them at low speed.

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