How to Make Your Eyelashes Long and Strong

Eyelashes are one of the most beautiful features of a woman. Ever other woman wishes to have a beautiful outlook that can please others. There are many products available in the market for you to choose from which can heighten your eye beauty. Eye lashes not just make our eyes look prettier but also help in protecting our eyes from dust particles to enter in. Makeup is one of the easiest ways to enhance your beauty and make your eyes stand out. Application of eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow can give you that eye-catching look. Fake eyelashes can also be used to make you look more gorgeous. Extended wear of fake eyelashes can cause septic and bacterial infection because of the glue gel that is applied to the eyelashes. It is recommended to wear fake eyelashes occasionally.

It can be very disturbing if you damage your eyelashes in some kind of accident, it is possible to grow them back but this may take a lot of time. If you are not at ease by applying makeup or fake eye lashes, there is always an option of letting them grow at their natural speed. It takes up to 6-8 months for new eyelashes to grow. Some techniques for making them grow faster are illustrated below:

Engulf in Nutritious food!

long eyelashes
If you really wish to make your eyelashes healthy and strong then your diet must be enriched with a lot of vitamin and protein intake. Egg, fish, yogurt, cheese, chicken, beans and contain high amount of protein and vitamins in them. Soy protein also increases the growth of eyelashes. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables to stimulate your lashes growth and development.

Lubricating eye lashes!

To make your eyelashes grow stronger, apply Vaseline before sleeping. Vaseline induces the hair to grow rapidly. Wash it in the morning to remove it neatly. With regular use, your lashes will grow faster and become stronger and not break off easily. Different lubricants can be used to make your lashes longer such as castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil.

EyeLashes must be brushed!

You can easily purchase a mascara brush at any beauty store. Brush your eyelashes by using an old mascara brush to make them grow stronger. Don’t forget to rinse your brush with water to avoid any eye infection.

Apply Conditioner to lash bed!

Eye lashes, just like our hair gets affected from environmental conditions such as weather change or may become brittle or dry due to excessive use of cosmetics. Stores are piled up with conditioners that make your eyelashes smoother and stronger. One of the most recognized and widely accepted brands of purifying eye lashes conditioner is Lilash. This eyelash serum can be applied on to your eyes to improvise the beauty of your eyelashes naturally. This conditioning formula reduces the loss of eyelashes.

Clip your Eyelashes!

It is believed by some people that by clipping your eyelashes frequently can make your eyelashes grow faster and stronger. You must trim the ends of your eyelashes with intense care. Trim both the upper and lower lashes but don’t cut too much. If you find difficulty in trimming them, you can get them clipped from a nearby salon by a professional to save yourself from any damage. Never pull or pluck them.

Other Beauty Products!

Countless beauty products are found in the market which will make eyelashes grow long and strong. Some of them are listed below:
  • Derma lash- Conditioning eye liner available in black, cocoa, indigo, and plum shades.
  • Marini lash- Eyelash conditioner to be applied daily.
  • Latisse- Makes longer, thicker, and stronger eye lashes. It should not be used without doctor’s prescription and supervision.
Eyelash plays a very imperative role in defending eye from all the dirt and dust particles & special care should be taken to guard them against any harm. If your eyelashes start falling very frequently it is recommended to consult nearby dermatologist.

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