How To Heal Dry Cracked Hands

You step out of your house in hurry and met your close friend on your way. The first thing you do is to shake hand and please each other. But oh my, you forget to apply the hand lotion before stepping out. What a bad impression you leave with dry and cracked hands in just 2 minutes meeting. Hands are the most imperative and visible part of our body and need equal care and treatment as per other parts. Having your nails and cuticle done is of no use if your hands are not appealing. Sometimes it is considered that only the neatness of nails and cuticles can enhance the hands beauty but it is a very wrong conception. Hands are neglected if they are not soft and smooth. No doubt nails add more beauty to the hands if they are healthy, shiny and strong. But with nails you should not forget your hand as a whole.

Care should be taken in all the season regardless of warm or wintry weather. If you already have a dry skin then the situation can get worst if you neglect your hands for longer. Reside your hands from strong chemical soaps, washing detergents and household cleansers. Here are some very useful tips and treatment to simply add more grace to your hands.

Drink plenty of water

The best way to keep your skin young and fresh is to have proper intake of water and keep it hydrated. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Immersing Hands in Water

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One major reason for hand dryness and dullness is frequent in touch of water to hands skin. People who have frequent contact of their hands with cleansing liquids and water often have chapped hands. When the hands do not get enough moisturizing then they come into view in the form of dry and chapped hands. Few common symptoms of chapped and dry hands are small itchy patches, peeling skin and dried up fingers.

Moisturizing Soap

The soap you use in your daily routine should be a moisturizing one as it naturally keeps your skin from drying up. It is also advised to use the soap that matches your skin type. There are hand soaps available in the market for all types of skin. Avoid drying up your skin immediately after washing. In fact dab them in a soft towel.

Moisturizing cream & lotion

Only moisturizing soap is not enough to keep the hands skin hydrated. You need to apply the moisturizing lotion to soften your hands skin. Make a habit of moisturizing your hands after washing the dishes and clothes. Use the lotion that suits your skin. It is recommended not to purchase scented or perfumed lotion it may cause irritation or itching. Avoid sultry cream and lotion that only darkens your skin. Moisturizing creams and lotion with natural and pure ingredients serve best for hands skin e.g. honey and aloe Vera.

Winter mania!

Winter is one of the most exhilarating weather among others. We cover ourselves with thick warm clothes but often neglect the protection of hands. In winter season, our hands get dry, cracked and rough due to the rough air around. The dry air makes your hands palm look all cracked up most visibly. It is advised to keep a small tube of moisturizer with you even while heading out. Make a habit of applying lotion daily before going to bed and immediately after a shower in winter. Wear cotton gloves to protect your skin from dry air and keep the lotion or cream intact.

Sustain Humidity and sogginess

The room temperature of your house, workplace matters a lot. Frequent change to extreme temperature can damp the skin outer layer. Especially in winters, humidity factor should be kept in mind. Place a humidifier at your home to sustain the humidity level. This will ultimately protect your skin from drying up. Another way to keep your hands hydrated especially in extreme dry winter season is to soak them up in lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes and then apply the moisturizer to seal the outer layer of the skin.

Keep yourself hydrated

Drink a lot of water. It is recommended to at least consume 8-12 glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. Drinking plenty amount of water prevent your skin from many skin problems.

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