How to Make Your Nails Stronger

Finger nails are part of your body and care should be taken of them as you take care of other parts such as hands, feet and face. Everyone wishes to have sturdy, beautiful nails and for this you need to distinguish different tips that can make your nails the way you yearn. It is not just having a weekly manicure of your nails but somewhat make your nails delicate and scrawny. Following are some tips that can help you along way in making your nails better.

Apt ingestion of vigorous nutritious food

You should not think that cutting nails and having manicure is the end of the story rather there are many other ways to have healthy nails and one of them is intake of nutritious food. Food supply body with all sorts of nutrients that our body necessitates and nails also entail those nutrients. Nutrients deficiency can be noticed with white spots on your finger nails, this indicates that your nails are not getting the appropriate amount of calcium and protein to grow. The preeminent source of calcium is Milk. You should know that not taking milk means less intake of calcium that can cause you lactose intolerance condition which requires calcium capsules .So now you really need to take good care of yourself and have proper intake of milk. But those who don’t like milk can take flavored milk that does not provide the same nutrients that normal milk does but still is good source of milk for the whole body.

Why avoid manicure?

strong nails
Having manicure twice a month is acceptable but more frequent visits to parlor and saloon for manicure pedicure is risky. Manicure contains many harmful chemicals that can cause your nail cuticle fragile and emaciated. You can relate this to what happens to your nails because of frequent usage of detergents and soaps.  It is enhanced to use lotions that contain Vitamin E to treat your fingers and nails damaged. Take little bit of it and chafe gently; cuticle oil is also a very good choice for this. Use of petroleum jelly before going to your bed daily is recommended to guard your nails from all the dirt and bacteria.

Don’t bite.

Many children who forget to cut nails and are checked at school’s bite their nails to escape danger but don’t realize that they are harming their own selves. They should realize that while they bite the germs of their nails are transferred to their mouth and ultimately to stomach that causes stomach ache. Use nail cutters to cut nails and then use nail file to straighten them.

Garlic Cloves

Rubbing garlic cloves on your nails make them well-built and strong. People with nail biting habit also rub garlic cloves to avoid nail biting due to its strong aroma.

Is nail hardener a good choice?

Yes, indeed nail hardener is very handy, as it diminishes the splintering of your nails by make it resilient. Using it weekly will result in less breakage of your nails. Hardeners are available at cosmetic stores easily. Use the hardeners that have fewer chemicals in it and are not harmful.

Nail Ingrown

If you feel that your nails are growing inside then you should immediately consult a doctor as this disease is really painful and bothersome and if it grows worse then a surgery is also an option. Immediate actions need to be taken to avoid any septic or bacterial infection inside.

Stop painting your nails

It is good to polish your nails with different colors but it should also be considered that nail polishes also have different chemicals that can be harmful when frequently used. You should not use nail polish regularly because your nails also require a break as does your whole body. Using nail polish daily can make your nails pale so you should stop using nail polish daily to allow the nail get adequate amount of oxygen too as do your skin.

Avoid direct contact with Soaps and detergents

Gloves should be used to avoid direct contact of nails from strong chemicals in the soaps and detergents. Try keeping your hand dry to avoid fungal infections.

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