How to Use Honey for Hair

Honey bees use flower nectar to produce a sweet substance called honey. It is one of the most important household products and used in every other kitchen because of its sugary taste. It gives strength and power to one’s body. It’s a natural product and thus helps as a curative agent and saves us from various medical conditions, it also has a wide use in beauty products worldwide. Honey is generally used in combination with a wide range of beauty products to improve their qualities such as fairness creams, face washes and scrubs and hair treatment products. Honey being advantageous in all these products has earned its status as a very important component of cosmetic products. Here we would emphasize on its use for hair treatment, as its now certain to experts that usage of honey for hair is very beneficial, and gives the hair an excellent luster and glow. Honey can be used to for hair restoration, baldness and adding extra shine to your hair. Another pro of honey is that it saves your money that you had to spend on all those expensive hair products. To give your hair the desired glow, you need to try the following tips:

Use of honey prior to shampoo:

Soak your hair and apply honey to it at least for half an hour before you shampoo your hair. Application of honey to dry hair makes it difficult due to its viscous nature. Wash off your hair with your shampoo and then apply conditioner to them for 2 minutes and dry them using a towel after rinsing them. Extricate your hair using a comb. Once your hair gets all dry, brush them for 5 minutes, you would sense a great change in your hair, that they have actually become lustrous and soft.
honey for hair

Mishmash of honey with your conditioner:

Using honey with your conditioner gives health to your hair follicle and increases its growth.. Simply merge your hair conditioner with honey. It should be made clear that the honey you use should be purely natural and uncontaminated to achieve a strong mix. Work on your hair using the home made mix by massaging them for about 5 minutes. Let the mixture be applied on your hair for a while and then rinse it off. Honey’s thickness is reduced when mixed with the conditioner and hence its application to the hair becomes easy.

Honey in combination with other products:

To achieve a good gloss in your hair, you can also mix honey with some other products such as olive oil, xanthan gum and essential oil. To form the desired mix, you will have to:
Take a bowl and mix a cup of honey, quarter cup olive oil, a teaspoon of xanthan gum and a few drops of essential oil for fragrance. Lukewarm the olive oil to lessen the thickness of honey. Rinse your hair using your regular shampoo so your hair and scalp is fresh and clean before you apply the freshly made mix. Start applying the mixture to your hair while they are still damp; cover your hair perfectly with the mix so that no part of the hair is left uncovered. The application should be consistent on all sides of your head. The next step is to cover your hair with the warm towel to your hair and cover it for 30-60 minutes. Washing off of the mixture should be done using temperate water, once the mixture is washed off with the warm water use cool water to rinse your hair. Shampoo again and wash it off very well.
Honey has been considered valuable for thousands of years. Honey is one of those natural products which you could mix with other products and experiment with, making your own combinations of different product, it is harmless and is the easiest way to achieve the required shine and glow for your hair. It should be kept in mind though, that mixing honey with other products makes it easier to apply because it reduces its viscosity, rather than applying it directly which is not harmful in anyway but becomes difficult to wash off due to its sticky nature.

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