Essential Homemade Remedies for Hair Growth

Hairs are important part of our personality. Like other organs, head scalp also needs a continuous supply of food. These nutrients can be taken in diet or can be applied on scalp. Everyone can afford these natural products as they are easily purchasable. The daily use of these can enhance beauty, length, volume and shine of hairs in very low price without any harm. Many market products are also available for this purpose, but only high class can afford them. The home remedies are easy, cheap, more beneficial and time saving. Some of these tips are given below.

Onion, capsicum and garlic - rich sources of sulphur

These are those vegetables which are easily available in every home all the time. As, cooking is impossible without them to make food more delicious and nutritious. They are rich sources of sulphur which motivates hair development within some days of their usage. Take small piece of onion and few garlic cloves; slightly crush them to extract some juice. Apply this on scalp for 15 minutes then wash with slightly warm water. An increase in volume and length will be observed within months if used regularly. Capsicum helps in re-growth of hairs as it causes increased blood flow to scalp providing a constant supply to food to hairs. Its main function is to lessen the hair fall.
hair growth

Herbal remedies

Many herbs are used to improve hair growth, shine, look, health and color. These include green tea, rosemary, palmetto, aloe vera, horsetail and many more. Most of these herbs are antioxidants, reduces hair fall, cure itchy scalp, and maintains Ph of hairs. They also repair split ends as contains connective tissue and fibers. Alopecia is a disease which causes baldness in both male and females also get cured by these herbs. Many herbs and algae extract are the sources of vitamins like vitamin B and E, both are essential for hair growth and development.

Oils to maintain hair moisture

Oiling is necessary before any hair wash because it maintains moisture of hairs necessary for normal growth. Oils are external source of providing food to hairs and to keep scalp smooth, shiny and neat. Many hair problems can be resolved by adding oil usage to your daily routine. Proper oiling is necessary not only on roots, but also on hair tips to avoid hair splitting. Many oils are extracted from vegetables, dry fruits and flowers can be used for hair growth. They can be used singly or in combinations depending upon recent hair condition. Some are:
  • Lavender oil is used to make hairs strong and attractive. It is massaged on to increase the blood flow.
  • Jojoba also increases blood circulation, when applied after dilution with water by cotton pads for two weeks. The results are beautiful shiny hairs.
  • A mixture of olive oil and almond oil returns the lost moisture of hairs. Apply this mixture for half hour then wash your hair with shampoo. It makes your hair soft, fluffy and silky.

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