How to Have a Beautiful Smile

Without good dental hygiene you won’t have a good smile. The personality of a person can easily be judged by his mouth cleanliness. So if you want your personality to be more attractive and more charming you have to pay attention to your teeth health. Here are some suggestions to improve your dental hygiene.

Selection of a best tooth brush and paste

Before buying your tooth brush keep in mind the softness of your surrounding areas of mouth. For that purpose always choose a soft tooth brush. Replace your older brush with the newer one when it’s hairs become disorganized. Always use the tooth paste which has higher contents of calcium and fluoride. Both these minerals are essential to have strong teeth. In other words these two are the diet of your teeth.

Brush your teeth before going to bed

beautiful smile
Although it’s important to brush your teeth after every meal but it’s more important to brush your teeth before going to bed. Because if you won’t do that than many harmful bacteria will get a golden chance to grow in your mouth. And cause the formation of a yellow layer on to your teeth and hiding your smile beauty. It’s also recommended to thoroughly wash your mouth with at least water after every meal.

Use of mouth freshener

Many mouth washes are easily available in market. You can easily get them and have a pleasant breath.
Many doctors also recommend the use of mouth freshening liquids.

Dietary effects

The health of your teeth also depends on your diet. To keep your teeth beauty to last forever you first have to pay attention on your feeding habits. Eating too much sweets and chocolates ruin your teeth beauty. Because eating these things means that you are inviting bacteria to grow in your mouth more easily. Alcohol, cigarettes and carbonated drinks are also harmful for not only teeth but also badly effect your body health.

When to see a dentist?

It is important to see your dentist regularly at least once in a month. If you have bloody gums then immediately get yourself check by a dentist. Flossing your teeth is also important. Dentists usually recommend the use of floss on daily bases.

Home tips

Baking soda

Use of backing soda is very good for teeth. Mix the baking soda with mustard oil and apply on your teeth with the help of tooth brush. Kept it for 5 minutes then wash your mouth with water. Regular use of this will make your teeth more white and shiny.


Apply peroxide gently on your teeth with the aid of a tooth brush. After few minutes wash the mouth with fresh water. While using peroxide a lot of cautions are required. Never swallow it because it is very dangerous for the inner body.


Lemon is a source of citric acid it helps to prevent the growth of bacteria as they don’t grow in acidic environment. Mix few drops of lemon with salt and apply on your teeth. Brush your teeth gently with tooth brush just like brushing your teeth with a tooth paste. Then wash your mouth with water.

Cardamom as mouth freshener

Cardamom is well known as a mouth freshener. If you are not in the favor of using synthetic mouth washes them cardamom is a best replacement of it. You just have to chew few seedlings of cardamom and get your breath fresher.

Use of clover as a home remedy

Use of clover is longer been known as a home remedy for painful teeth. If you have painful teeth then place a clover in your molar teeth for few minutes. It is very well known remedy to get rid of painful teeth.

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