How to Make Your Gray Hair Look Gorgeous

Every living thing lasts it looks with the passage of time, the most affected are our skin and hairs in case of human beings. Skin loses its elasticity while hairs lose their color indicating the signs of increasing age. Some people have grey hair at young age due to genetic problem, diseases like influenza and headache if remains mostly. The genes responsible for hair color fails to produce hair pigment after a specific age. This time varies in every individual depending on health, stress level and environmental conditions. Different people have different responses to the grey hair, most of the people do not like as they changed their personality making them older and aged. If you think grey hair a problem, then you can use dye of any color.

Dye your grey hair

Dye are main treatment for getting rid of grey hair. The dye formula contains ammonia and peroxide which have ability to change hair color by disturbing the hair shaft coverings. Always try to use hair dyes with a mentioned label of neutral or natural. Many natural dye are also easily available like henna, indigo, tea and sikka kaae, but try to get them in totally pure form. Many cheap acids have added to henna for a dark color, so avoid them. Dye are available in different color tones. The choice depends on your skin tone, hair color and beauticians recommendations.
gray hair

Tips to manage hairstyles with grey hair

  • Grey hair can hide within bulky hairs. To make your hair bulky dryer, hair products, and styles can be used. Your naturally colored hair spread their color by reflection of light and hides your defective part. Curls also can be used for this purpose.
  • Don't try ponytails and its types like French braid as they expose each root of hairs. If these are grey, they give an ugly and older look, subtracting your efforts of hair styling.
  • Try to keep your hair in standing fashion because a grey hair root in standing position merges its color with scalp and cannot get prominent. The use of hair creams, sprays and gels helps to accomplish this task.
  • Wearing a scarf or hat is also an option to hide grey hair. If you do not want to use dye because of its side-effect. Many trendy scarves of any color are available in market in different ranges.

Caring the grey hair

Grey hair are more sensitive to harsh environment and chemicals, they require more care than normal hairs. A precise time to grey hair can keep your hair healthier and color loss is not a big problem in front healthy hairs. They have their own gaze if they suit your tone of skin. You can use mild shampoos, conditioner, moisturizer, natural dye and oils to protect your hair. Anti –aging and deep cleansing hair products are best to use. Avoid using too much dye as researches have proved them a cause of cancer.


  1. You can avoid some of these problems above by simply taking off some length. Of course you don't want to make it too short.
    gray hair

  2. Even though you've got gray hair, don't be ashamed of it.. try to make your hair look stylish. temporary staff


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