How to Color Hair at Home (Tips and Tricks)

The environmental conditions, stress, diet and genetic factors are responsible for grey hair. All these things are very common in this world and almost everyone has grey hair at a very young age. But the people also desires personality looks for a fit job, business and many more. The grey hair becomes a problem there, but one of the hair products which have solved this problem is hair dye. Many people do not have much time and money to go salon and dye their hair. These people can apply dye at home it's not a tough job. Many companies of hair dye are here to serve them in a proper way. They have made it easy to dye hairs by mentioning each and everything on dye pack. Follow the given below tips for getting younger look.

Choosing the right shade of dye

The right choice of the dye also matters with your looks. Always try to choose dye of same shade to that of your natural hair. If you want to choose any other color, then keep in mind your eye color and skin tone. You can get advice from beautician, or follow any model having the same eye and skin tone as you have. Try to make combinations of colors on paper before applying on hairs; it will guide you more properly for your future looks.

hair coloring

Method to apply a dye on hairs

Set the comb and mirror close to you. Also, wear the gloves and handle the brush in proper way. Mix the dye before applying it and keep it for two minutes untouched. If you cannot manage this, then take the help of other family members. Also keep in mind your hair should be free of dust. Comb your hair in the way you mostly done, apply some mixture of dye, then change the direction of hairs and dye them also. Apply the dye on each section of hairs. Repeat the same procedure on all hairs. At the last, comb your hair properly so that dye gets spread on whole hair shaft. Keep the dye applied for a mentioned time, and then wash them. Dry them in natural air and get happy for a surprise new look.

Precautionary measures

Many precautions have to keep in mind before applying the hair dye. Dye has the ability to color the skin as well. In old age eyebrows also gets grey, some people also dye them for a younger look. It has observed that some people who dye their hair also dye their hair surrounding skin, if they do not apply dye in right way. You should apply some Vaseline around hairy areas it prevents dye from spreading. Try to keep the dye away from eyes or mouth, in case of any hazards immediately approach a doctor. If you don’t have gloves and also had not used Vaseline, then apply some hair removing cream on that area it will remove that stain on skin.

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