How to Blend Foundation Makeup Properly?

Every women wants their complexion to look flawless, for the sake of this foundation helps them a lot. Foundation is used by people to enhance their complexion. To give your makeup natural look it’s very important to know how to blend your foundation perfectly. There are many forms of foundation available in market like cake, stick, cream and liquid. But the main thing is how to apply and blend it properly. So, here are some tips of perfect blending of foundation so that your makeup looks elegant and natural.

Begin your makeup with moisturizer:

Before applying any foundation moisturize your skin properly with cream or lotion according to your skin type. Moisturizer helps to make balance between your skin and makeup. it makes your skin smooth and soft so that makeup can easily be applied.

Application of cream or liquid foundation:

apply foundation
If you are using cream or liquid foundation then first thing is to select that foundation tone which complement your skin color and skin type. If your skin is dry then go for liquid foundation, it has extra moisturizing capacity which helps in moisturizing your dry skin and prevents patches formation during makeup. Patches formation is the most prevalent thing that can cause trouble for many women. to avoid these patches liquid foundation works best.

Method of application:

  • Either the foundation is in cream form or liquid form, shake it well before use.
  • To cover your forehead applies foundation by side to side stroke and blend up and down, same procedure for nose and chin also.
  • Put a dot of foundation on your cheeks and blend out to hairline. don’t apply too much on one side.
  • Then with the help of your fingertips blend your makeup properly to provide a level. blending is very necessary for proper tone to i.e. to make your skin tone even. one should know the proper blending techniques.

Application of cake foundation:

Cake foundation best suits to oily or combination skin type, further professionals use it for photo shoots as it is the heaviest base and stay fresh for many hours. It is also used as a concealer. Cake foundation is very easy to use and don't require too much attention. You can apply it to refresh your makeup also. Cake foundation are very easily available in markets in different tone just select the tone which best suits according to your skin to make an even tone after application. Resistance power of cake is much more than any other type of foundation it settle on your skin for very long time hence you don't find any need to reapply it.

Method of application:

  • Take a moist sponge, rub it over cake and apply to your face.
  • For every portion of your face use different sides of sponge.
  • The application method is similar as cream or liquid foundation.


  • While doing makeup some people forget their neck area so apply foundation on your neck also.
  • You can also apply foundation on your lips and eyelids as a base for lipstick and eye shadow.
  • After finishing your makeup go to sunlight to make sure that it looks flawless.
  • Before applying any makeup up don’t forget to wash and cleanse your skin properly.
  • Always go for quality not for quantity while choosing any products for your skin.
Take an advice of expert before purchasing foundation.

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