Long Hair Caring and Maintaining Tips

Everyone wants bouncy, shiny, healthy hairs. Your whole look depends upon your hairs. But on the other hand dull and damaged hair gives you very dull looks and sometime you feel so much embarrassment due to it as they give very undesirable appearance. Now a days the issues regarding hairs are split end, dryness in winter and greasiness in summers are very common. hair falls is another major problem faced by the people who have long hairs. many of the girls cut their long hairs due to the thinness of hairs. Long hairs need extra care as compared to short hairs. Here are some tips for you through which you can get rid of all these problems and can better nourish and maintain your hairs through little efforts.

Choosing suitable shampoo and conditioner:

First according to your hair type and its condition chose a suitable and good quality shampoo and conditioner. For a test use sachets of shampoo, after using it if you find it suitable for your hairs then go for it. Low quality products contain harmful chemical and they damage your hairs.

How to apply shampoo and conditioner???

First soak your hairs completely with water by rinsing it. Apply small amount of shampoo on your scalp and massage it properly through your finger tips but not too vigorously. Then rinse your hairs properly so that all the shampoo from your hairs drains out. After it apply conditioner and leave it for one or two minutes and then again rinse your hairs. Rinse the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly, otherwise it gives greasy appearance and it further damages your hair.
long hairs

How to comb or brush your hairs???

Comb or brush your hairs in the way that it won’t hurt you. Comb your hair softly. Extra care is needed specially combing after taking shower because hairs are so fragile when they are wet. Best way to detangle your hair is to use fingers when they are wet. Best way to avoid damage is letting them air dry before combing. Divide your hair into sections. Starting from the roots comb your hairs in upward direction it will give your hair volume and improve blood circulation.

Be careful choosing hair accessories:

Hair accessories like bands, clips, beads add beauty to your hair but if they are of good quality. Low cost and cheap accessories damage your hairs. Elastic ponies pull your hairs and are the reason for hair damage and breakage. Choose one which is of good quality and hold your hairs without damage and breakage.

Professional hair treatment:

Hair treatments like streaking, dying, rebounding, blow dryer, curling etc are leading cause of hair damage today. They give you stylish look temporarily but there after effects are worse. So be happy with the hairs you have and stay away from all these treatments. better to take treatments like protein which is good for the growth and nourishment of your hairs. trimming is also advisable because through it you can get rid of the split ends and the damage part of hairs which hinders in the growth and further damage your hairs.


  • Use clean comb to avoid dirt.
  • Oil your hairs twice a week. Castor oil is the best for healthy hair growth.
  • Avoid blow drying your hairs frequently.
  • Don’t apply conditioner to the roots of hair.
  • Choose best quality products for your hairs.
  • Last but not the least proper diet nurtures your hairs.
  • Avoid leaving your hairs untied.
  • Use clips rather than ponies.
  • Go for quality products while selection.
  • Use of tea tree oil adds shine to your hairs. Use it as serum after washing your hairs it will give your hairs lustrous look.

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