Accessories That Look Stunning With Hot Pink

Hot pink color is liked by many girls especially teenagers and they are very conscious about their looks too. They love to wear hot pink dress as it gives striking appearance and eye catching looks. Selection of accessories is very important step, because your whole looks depend on what you are wearing. This article helps you to select accessories that look stunning with hot pink dress and gives harmony and balance in your looks.

Jewelry Selection:

Pearls or white beads suits best with hot pink but avoid wearing any other color accessory with it. If you want to wear gold, it will gives you glamorous looks, but avoid wearing heavy gold jewelry as it looks like extra showing yourself. You also have choice to wear silver jewelry along with pink dress. Just wear necklace and earrings only for stunning appearance.

Hues of Pinks:

You can combine hues of pink in your accessories when you wear hot pink dress. Avoid wearing matching accessories with hot pink dress. Combination of hue along with hot pink gives you funky looks and avoids monotony when someone gives you first look. Light pink or soft pink color in accessories softens your entire looks.

Shoe Selection:

With hot pink dress, you have lots of choice in shoes selection. You can wear gold stiletto shoes or hot pink shoes to match with your dress. You can also wear silver sandals. Chose according to your comfort level. If you are choosing it for casually then go for flat shoes and for party wear you, have a choice of high-heeled shoes for sexy appearance and bold looks.

Handbag Selection:

Selection of handbag should be wise enough. Choose handbag according to your dress type that compliments it. If you are going to party than small, clutches complete your looks and for casual use, you have a choice of carrying large bags. While choosing color of your handbag you have a wide range, choose among neutral colors or light tones of pink with bead works.

Makeup Tips:

Without makeup, women feel incomplete. To give finish appearance light application of makeup is essential part of their life. Wearing makeup with hot pink dress is little tricky but not difficult, just follow the instructions given below.
  • Avoid choosing same color of makeup as with your dress.
  • Eye shadow and mascara: You can choose color from pink family like purple, plum and burgundy shades, but do not go for the same color applies mascara of brown shade and eye shadow for the above-mentioned color.
  • Eyeliner: Apply black eyeliner as black compliment with every color whether they are dark or light. Give proper shape to your eyes, which you desire by applying eyeliner.
  • Blush: With hot pink color, you can make rosy cheeks. If you want any other color than pink than bronze blush compliment with it. If you are making your eyes dark than apply blush in darker shade also so that it harmonize their effects and provide balance in your looks.
  • Lipstick: If you are keeping your eyes and check color subtle then make your lips bold by using dark shade of lipstick that matches with your dress and if you want your eyes dark and prominent than use neutral color shades for lipstick. You can also simply wear lip-gloss.

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