Natural Hair Growth Treatments

Long hair is desire of almost every woman. Long hairs look very trendy if they are shiny and lustrous. Your diet deals a lot with the health of your hairs. Protein is the basic requirement of hairs for proper nourishment. Long hairs add beauty to your personality. So many products are available in market who claims for faster growth and health of your hairs but sometimes they proved to be wrong.

Hair fall a major problem:

You may lose about 100 strands daily by brushing your hairs or during shower but it consider normal in society. Hair fall appear very prominently when you reached at the age of 40 or above or after menopause. People who have dandruff also go through with this problem. If it is not treated early it becomes a major problem and difficult to mange also. Improper nutrition is also one the leading cause of hair fall. Harsh chemicals present in shampoos and conditioners are another cause of hair fall. Before going for treatment you should better analyze the problem to solve it.

Natural treatments:

natural hair treatment
For your healthy and growing hairs its better to choose natural treatments rather than going for treatments from salons or parlor or using medicines. Best is to use the natural treatment that has no side effects and works better than other.

Protein consumption:

Your hair strands are made up of protein and amino acid so it is better to treat your falling hairs through it. Treat your hairs with protein like made a mixture of whole egg and yogurt and apply to your hairs for 5 min and then wash thoroughly it gives shine to your hairs and makes them strong. Do this process 3 times a week. Eat boiled egg four times a week, internal strength makes you healthy externally.

Vitamin consumption:

B complex, zinc, biotin and folate are considered to be healthy for growing hairs. Better to take diet which is rich in these vitamins rather than taking supplements. Green leafy vegetables are the best source of all these. But if it is difficult to fulfill this requirement from diet than better to take supplements.

Use of tea- tree oil:

Massage your hairs regularly with tea tree oil it has an antibacterial properties which prevents your scalp from bacterial attack which causes hair fall to much extent.


Trim your hairs after every 6 weeks for healthy growth. Split ends prevent your hairs from growing. Trimming removes your split ends hence promoting hair growth.


Proper conditioning after hair wash locks moisture back to your hairs which removes during contact with harsh chemicals of shampoo. It is better to condition your hairs with natural conditioners. Take 2 egg yolks and mix in 1 tbsp honey and 6 tbsp olive oil. Then add 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice in it and mix the mixture properly. After shampoo apply this mixture to your hairs and leave for few minutes and wash your hairs again. This gives your hair shine and strength.

Dry your hair before sleep:

Wet hairs are more vulnerable to breakage and damage. Leaving hairs wet before sleep is very harmful for your hairs as this will cause breakage and damage to your hairs. Before going to sleep properly dry your hairs and tie them. Comb your hairs very well as it increases blood circulation and increases hair growth and strength.

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