How to Choose Best Cream for Sensitive Skin?

We can chose best cream by reading the cream label or by getting information about the ingredients being used in that cream . If the ingredients are not harmful for our skin so that cream is best for use.

Types of skin

Skins may be hard or sensitive. Our skin consist of two layers the upper layer is called epidermis and it is outer protective and sensitive layer.

Sensitive Skin

As we know different people have different type of skin. It may be sensitive or hard. For sensitive skin choice of best cream need the ignorance or avoiding the creams containing pigment and artificial fragrances. Cream makers add artificial fragrance and pigments which have unpleasing affect on some sensitive skins for just the sake of outer visualizing of their creams.

Harmless creams

Baby creams are the most harmless creams because baby’s skin are the most sensitive skins even sunlight sometimes become source of irritation for them so their creams are made of very light and pleasing ingredients. These creams are also very useful for adult’s sensitive skin.


  • sensitive skin
    Chose the cream by checking their labels for approval that the cream is approved or not by manufacturer country dermatologists and also approved by our country’s skin specialist.
  • While choosing cream must read the label, don’t buy the cream by just smelling them.
  • Not only the fragrance or pigments cause allergy to sensitive skins but other added chemicals can also have great affect on some sensitive skins so also consult some doctors for making your choose the right one.
  • If you start using the cream without reading its label then don’t tolerate the smells of bleaches and avoid that cream immediately.

Bad effects of creams

  • The strong fragrances may cause our eyelids to spread tears on our eyes.
  • Some fragrance cause the people feel giddy.
  • Some fragrance cause you head trauma.
  • Due to some pigments or dyes our skin becomes dry and it causes severe rashes.
  • Some cheap creams can sometime leave spots on our skin.
  • Some creams contain hydrocarbons which absorb your skins oxygen and due to lack of oxygen in skin it becomes dusky and purplish.
  • Some cream causes extra unwanted and unpleasant hairs on your skin specially face which is the most sensitive part of the body.
  • For curing all these skins defects people use skin laser treatment which itself is very dangerous for sensitive skin.
  • Don’t buy creams without reading their expiry date. Some expired creams causes skin crack and even skin cancer.
  • While choosing cream read its ingredients and compare it with baby products ingredients.
  • Sometimes people just buy product buy viewing their prize tag and they think that expensive product don’t cause allergy.

Essential vitamins for skin

Select creams having these vitamins
Vitamin A
Vitamin A is necessary for dry and scaly skin it is also helpful in rebuilding skin tissue so people having dried and sensitive skin must view that their cream must have this vitamin. Substances containing vitamin A in the creams are egg, pumpkin and milk etc.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E is well known for removing free radicals of the skin. Age spots, wrinkles and stretch marks can be cured by the use of cream containing vitamin E. Substances containing Vitamin E are olives, almonds and peanuts etc.
Vitamin B
It gives you glowing skin and provides plenty of oxygen which is very essential for your healthy skin. Substances containing Vitamin B are egg yolk and nuts etc.
Vitamin C
It gives you youthful and smooth skin and it also fight against the skin ageing. Substances containing Vitamin C are fruits and cucumber etc.


Following are the minerals important for sensitive skin
For oily skin zinc is essential component which remove extra oil from the skin.
It give you stretched skin without wrinkles.

Dermatologist approved cream

Some companies have their own dermatologist or skin specialist while sailing their product in market and these products are tested by their doctors. Doctors take a big amount for this testing after their testing company give their product to government and government doctors also test their product and then approved it and on other hand companies which don’t have their own doctors they test their product by government doctors and give them big amount to do so.

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