Causes of Dandruff and Dry Scalp

The recent environment is full of stress, dust, pollution, hazardous chemicals and microbes. It’s a very tough job to live healthy in this environment, where everything gets contaminated. Our hairs are one of them, facing a lot of hair problems at a time. Dandruff is a widespread hair problem, affecting many people in our surroundings. It is the root cause of other hair problems. Everyone should come to know its cause, precautions and ways to get rid of it.

The most common causes of dandruff

The young generation does not like oil their hair which is the main cause of rough, dry scalp. The scalp dead cells tend to gather there and results in dandruff. If oiling is not done, then skin becomes more and more dry resulting in severe dandruff. God also has managed an oil source in form of sebaceous glands in whole skin. These releases sebum - oil, maintains moisture of scalp. But the overuse of products or blockage of these glands results in dryness of scalp.

Synthetic shampoos extract natural moisture of scalp

causes of dandruff
Market is full of shampoos available for hair management of all types of its disorders. The different brands claims their product to be one of the best to repair split ends, dandruff removal, for glossy and lengthy hairs and so on. However, these shampoos consists chemicals which remove natural moisture and add dryness to scalp. Some claimed anti dandruff shampoos also failed to remove it.

Wash hairs with Lukewarm or cold water

Warm water has ability to remove moisture is also a cause of dandruff. Always try to wash hairs with cold water or rinse them with cold water at the last. It blocks the moisture in the hairs and makes them shiny. If cold water is not available, then use shower caps to protect your hair.

Environmental changes withdraw moisture

The seasonal variations also leave an effect on our hair condition. In winter, the indoor and outdoor temperature changes and low humidity level of air draws moisture from skin, leaving hair dry. This gives rise to dandruff so always use a scarf or hat in this season.

Hair styling tools

All the hair styling tools use heat energy to modify our hair for a new shape for a short time. But in reality, they draw all the moisture from scalp and causes dandruff.

Measures to shun dry scalp

  • Hard water consists of minerals and deposited heavy metals; it should be strained before use. The taps and showers fitted with filter fulfil this purpose.
  • Use of moisturizer, oil, and conditioner regularly makes our hair safe.
  • Try to dry wet hairs in natural air and minimize the use of dryers and hair styling tools. If you are using in emergency, then keep it at six inches distance from scalp.
  • Regimen diet is must for normal processing of sebum glands.

To recover normal scalp by home remedies

  • Rubbing with oil or without it regulates the blood circulation and activates sebaceous glands. This helps oil to spread to hair shaft making it shiny.
  • Crushed aspirin with olive oil can remove the dandruff when left for two hours on scalp before washing hairs.

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