How to Choose a Right Flat Iron for Your Hair

Frizzy hairs are not liked by some many women nowadays. They try to make their hairs straight by having so many treatments resulting in hair damage. Then flat iron was introduced to solve this problem. But it is very important to choose flat iron which is best for you. Flat iron not only straightens your hairs but also add shine and flexibility to your hairs if used properly. Trend of ironing hairs are very common these days. People like silky straight hairs more than any other hairstyle. For the sake of this they use very low quality flat iron which results in damaging hair and hair fall. Improper handling snatches from them the beauty of hairs and makes them rough and dull. So buying decision about flat iron should be considering so many things. Some of them are mentioned below.

Choose According to Hair Type:

Choice of flat iron depends on your hair type. If you have bouncy hairs you don’t need high temperature. If you have more frizzy hairs temperature should be high. Your hairstyle determines which iron best suits on you. First judge your hairs and then select iron for you. Take an expert advice before making any decision if necessary.

Temperature Settings:

Temperature settings also depend upon the hair type you possess for normal hairs the recommended temperature is up to 140 F and if your hairs are very curly and frizzy and thick in texture then temperature should be up to 410F. But be careful high temperature damages your hair and weaken them so temperature selection should be selected carefully.

Iron Plate:

Different type of flat irons available having different iron plate but you should know about it that which one is best for you. Ceramic, tourmaline is the best which suits on every hair they won’t damage your hairs if used properly. Ask to seller before buying any iron that which plate is attached with it. This information highly influence on your choice. Metallic plate is also available but it doesn’t have good results. It damages your hairs causing split ends and the texture of your hairs become rough and dull. So its better to avoid it.

Choose Quality Product:

Before buying anything for you remember to go for quality product. Cheap irons damage your hair too very much extent. It’s better to invest little more than buying cheap product which is harmful. Ceramic and tourmaline are little expensive but very much effective than metallic iron which is not so expensive.

Weight Consideration:

Weight of iron is very important. If your iron is heavy then you can’t handle it properly and the results would be not so good because of difficulty in handling. For short hairs a plate ranging from ½ to 1 inch is suitable and easy to handle whereas for long hairs 1 3/8 to 2 inches of plate is recommended.

Choice of wet-dry iron:

Flat iron is used on dry hairs. If you use them on wet hairs your hairs become damage and burn. But now wet-dry iron are available in market which works as dryer which helps you to dry your hairs first and then straighten them. One who has short time to first dry their hairs and then straight then can buy this type of iron. All is depend upon your feasibility and convenience.

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  1. The Wet-Dry flat irons are not a good option if you have thick course hair because when your hair actually dies it will be frizzy. I like the paul mitchell straightener--Pro express iron. Emma, you are right about spending the money. The more money you spend the more likely you will save yourself some damaged hair.


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