Transform Bore Hair into Lively Highlights

Fashion inspires our everyday life and so is the case with our hair. Every day bring about new happenings in the fashion world relating each branch and today has furnished us with trendy and stylish hair highlights. Hair highlights is the new trend and taking place so speedily that it seems every woman wants to color her hair into classy or natural look. Even men are not left behind. They also seen keen for dying their hair in attractive colors. There is no limit of age and sex in this trend adoption.

There are two mainly reason seemed of hair highlights. One is that people just want to have stylish look and second is they want to cover their grey hair. Dying with old typical hair color is out and new various hair color shades and styles are emerged.
Coloring hair has become part of fashion of every age woman. Teen age girls usually want to color their hair in funky and bright colors. Like shades of bright pink and light blue etc. high school girls varied in choosing color type for hair. Some dye in natural color shade covering all hair, whereas some use to do chunky dying that is dying hair in portions.

Explore for your desired highlights

Selection of hair color to be opt is main course while hair dying. For this make enough research and explore every possible means to your extent such as magazine, hair stylist and model catalog. Remember one thing that the color suits on other person doesn’t mean that it will also suit on you. There are two or three key factors that define these differences and make you easy to adopt right shade and dying style for you. Your face structure, eye color and your hair condition and length describes the style you should adopt.
After done with your hair color, then do decide which hair dyeing style you want to go for. Such as whole hair dying with one natural color, chunky hair dying with single color, using 1 or 2 color for portion dying. Choice is your. You can ask your stylist for some advice or he can show you some already done hair dying designs.

Grab your dying kit

Highlighting your hair needs some tools to be present at time of dying. These are color for dye, developer, dying brush, measurable cup for mixture, plastic gloves and dying cap or foil. All these accessories come in a combine kit. You can buy that one but if these are unreachable as combines so collect them and keep them as a kit. Dying compact kit come with some extra stuff like moisturizer to apply after dying and conditioner etc. Prefer a branded one.

Steps for hair highlighting

Done with collecting tools, now move on to procedure.
Firstly, make mixture of selected highlight color and developer. Use a plastic stick to mix it well and keep the ratio of 50:50 or as according to the label described on color mixer. Avoid direct touch to color.
Secondly, divide your hair in the portion and chunks as your style demands. For partially dying hair use foil or dying cap. You can also clip your hair. Make portion wisely keeping the dying design in mind.
Finally dye your hair with the mixture made with developer. Don’t forget to wear gloves before applying color on hair. Don’t hurry while applying but dye each lock slowly applying whole mixture properly.
Let the color soak in your hair. Give it 30 to 45 minutes to get firmly apply on your hair. Before washing and rinsing off all the color do check a few locks by washing whether color is done on hair or not. For getting fully done give some extra time to dye. Wash hair and apply conditioner at the end because after dye some hair becomes dry and unhealthy.
There are different types of dying for instance here are main:

Chunky waves

This type is very popular in teens and high school girls. They do highlights at side by side, full upper head, tips of all hair in one color or only back highlights. Choice depends upon you what is your desired look. Wanting some blond look go for some golden pale dye and very popular among girls for radish effect try some pinkish and red shades.

All done with full highlights

For gorgeous and decent impact people opt for fully done highlights, with shades of one or two colors. Mostly lighter one placed at back or end tips and brighter one at top head. There is a huge range of natural looking colors also. You can try on those also by following dye applying tips.  

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