How to Make a Facial Mask with Fruit

Fruits are a rich source of nutrition and vitamins. Fruits are not only good to the body but quite beneficial to the skin also. The nutritive value of fruits can be used to make facial masks of your own, sitting at home, these facial masks contain a large amount of antioxidants in them and they are a source to freshen the facial skin. Making a homemade facial mask is easy, cheap and fresh and you don’t need to visit your skin specialist for it either. Another beneficial fact of homemade masks is that it does not contain any strong chemicals and is more effective than the facial masks available in the markets. You don’t need to go out of the way to find all the stuff needed to make a facial mask and they are easily available in your home, you just need to run your eyes through the things. For a very nutritious and vitamin enriched face masks all you need to do is find out which fruit mask will suit your skin and make it all set and simply apply onto your skin. Following a few simple steps can help you make a very effective fruit mask for your skin.

Benefits Of Fresh Fruits Mask

  • All fruit are very useful; any fruits mask can be made easily at home for cleansing for all types for skin.
  • Fruits cleansing masks not only help clean the dirt from the skin but also clean the pores.
  • Fruits masks and scrubs can also be used as toner. They not only wipe out the dead cells but revitalize the skin.
  • Fruits masks and scrubs replenish the skin with important vitamins and help fight against early age wrinkles.
  • Frequent use of fruits masks help in fighting against acne, pimple, wrinkles and discoloration of skin.

Fruit Facial Masks

fruit facial mask
Here are some useful homemade fruit facial masks and scrubs that can be made easily at home with ease to simply nourish your skin.

Strawberry face pack

Strawberries are a great source of taste for the taste buds as well as for the skin. Vitamin C in the strawberries makes them effective against acne and bad skin. For strawberry mask the necessary components are a cup of strawberries, an egg white, and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Simply blend the strawberries in the blender and make a smooth paste. Then add lemon juice and egg white and beat until it form into a thick paste.  Now gently apply this mixture onto your face .One thick to be remembered that the mask should not be too thin. Leave the mask onto your face for 20-25 minutes. And then wash it off with fresh water and see the results. This strawberry mask will work as a bleaching agent in cleaning the dead skin and treat acne and wrinkle problem for all skin types.

Peach- a tightening mask

Peaches grasp the attention of all fruit lovers in the summer session. They are not only nutritious to the human metabolism but serve well for the outer skin as well. All you gotta do is just take the peach pulp and add some honey and oatmeal and apply the mixture onto your face. Leave the mask for 20 minutes and get the shiny glowing skin in a matter of few minutes. This masks serves well in summer when the skin starts to dull off due to heat and constant sweating.

Banana moisturizer

Banana face packs can be used for both dry and oily skin. For a dry skin simply mash the banana and use it for anti-aging rationale. Moisturizers with banana ingredient are also available in the market.  For oily skin, just add some honey and lemon juice with banana paste and clean all the impurities of your skin in no time.
No matter how much and many beauty products are available in the market. Homemade natural ingredient treated and cured mixtures best serve the skin problems. Look up for your fruit mask and regime your skin beauty in a matter of few days.

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