Beauty Tips for Hair Care During winter

The coldest season of the year is winter, lasts for 3-4 months. It brings dullness, dryness and damages hair. It is a big trouble for everyone, especially for females. Everyone agrees that this season is not well-wisher of hairs. Hairs get fragile, dull, dry and rough. The inside heating of homes and outside coldness makes our hair sensitive to damage. The hair-fall also increases in this season so, proper precautions should be taken before and during this season. We can maintain our hair volume and their shine by following given tips.

Moisture balancing by natural remedies in winter

The cold wind of winter absorbs moisture of our hair and makes them dry, weak and brittle. So, a scarf should be wearing, but ensure that it is not tight too much for proper circulation of air to the scalp. Also, some hair masks should be used to provide nourishment to hairs like olive, banana, coconut, yogurt, eggs twice a week. Honey is a natural moisturizer; it can be used by mixing with shampoo or simply by mixing with lemon or oil.

Tips to maintain moisture of hairs

Moisturizer use

hair care in winter
A moisturizer should be used daily and avoid going outside with wet hairs. Block the moisture in hairs by using cold water at end of shower. This will make them shinier. Try to dry hair in natural air and apply moisturizer 2-3 times a day.

Conditioner use

The recommended and best conditioners should be used to provide nutrients to hairs. After applying it, cover the hairs with a moist towel at least for 10 minutes. It gives time to conditioner to absorb in hairs properly. Do not go outside with wet hairs, it increases the risks of hair breakage. It is applied before using any hot hair tool.

Always use cold water to wash hairs

Cold water closes the pores of hair leading them to be strong and shiny. The main reason behind hair fall is the use of hot water. It can even make you bald. So always wash your hair with cold water and natural products.

Diet control

Take a diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The person who has hair fall should take zinc supplements or food containing it like cauliflower. The more your blood is purified, the more healthy hairs you have. So, be precautionary in your diet.

Less use of hair products and tools

The synthetic products contain hazardous chemicals and tools give heat to hairs. The hairs are very sensitive in winter; the overuse of hair products makes them more vulnerable to breakage and damage.

Use of fashionable hats and scarf

The less exposure to winter cold protects them.  This can be done by using new style hats, caps and scarf, but if these are used more it causes less oxygenation of scalp.

Avoiding frizz and statics

Frizz and statics are also hair problems in winter, and changes the type of hairs. Mostly it occurs due to overuse of blow dryers. The hair gets charge and tangles with each other giving a bad look to you.

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