How to Get Rid of Oily Hair and Make Your Hair Shiny and Attractive

Hair types vary a person to another person. Some have extra shiny, silky; oil free while others may have greasy, dull hairs. Those having oily and greasy hairs feel themselves in a great problem. They have to shampoo them again and again, which enhances chances of brittle and dry hairs. They give dirty and sticky look, spoiling the whole personality. There are many natural and synthetic remedies of this problem which can cure it.

Cause of oil and grease in hairs
Our whole body skins have sebaceous glands, also present in our head scalp. The function of this gland is to release the sebum. The sebum is a mixture of oils that easily captures dirt. It spreads on whole hair shaft when combing is done, making hairs oily. This hormone is secreted in excess amount in some people. It may cause itching when accompanied with dandruff and dust. Naturally, when released in normal amount its function is to add shine to hairs.
how to get rid of oily hair
The problem of oil and grease can be managed by taking into consideration several tips.
Daily hair wash
A daily hair wash with recommended medicated shampoo is necessary for oily hairs. It removes oil, dust and microbes and toxins from your hair shafts. Daily wash of hair is necessary for maintaining your amazing gaze. Many hair products are available in market to make hairs shiny, oil free and bulky.  The shampoos having zinc PCA are best for oily hairs. The shampoos free of sulphur and PARABEN helps to cure itchy and inflamed scalp. Hair wash two times per day is recommended in case of severe oily hairs.
Avoid conditioners and hair products
Hair products like gel, hair sprays, hair creams consists of toxic substances and their function is to moisten the hairs. These are totally restricted in case of oily hairs as the toxins in them, in combination with oil can build up toxins on scalp. Only a minute quantity can be used, but this should be washed soon.
Avoid excessive brushing and touching
Excessive touching and brushing should be prohibited as this activates sebaceous glands to release more sebum causing hairs more oily. Also, your hands are carrier of dust, chemicals and germs which gets transferred to hairs.
Balancing your diet
A balanced diet full of nutrients keeps hairs shiny, bulky and lengthy. A person having oily hairs should take more juices, water and avoid oily food. Some botanical extracts of plants also be added to your diet.
Home remedies
·       The home remedies are free of cost and have long lasting effects than synthetic products. There are many ways by which oil can be reduced are:
·       Use of vinegar diluted with water before shampoo makes hair oil free.
·       The rinsing of scalp with lemon juice also helps keep it oil free.
·       Add pinch of salt to yogurt and oil mixture and rinse it on scalp.
·       Another useful remedy is use of rose water and tea juices to get rid of oily hairs.

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