Causes of Hair Loss and Hair Loss Prevention

Beauty becomes complete when someone has healthier and attractive hairs. The way you keep your hair, maintains your gaze and gorgeous looks. In old days, women had long and bulky hairs, but now, few of us have this awesome beauty. All hair falls are because of pollution and stress. Many females are losing this magnetic beauty day by day because of hair loss.

Reasons behind hair loss in females:

These reasons are different in both sexes. Women’s hair fall leads to thin hairs, change in texture and somewhat hairless.

Hair products and tools:
Types of hair tools and products are used by women to style up the hairs. The products are a mixture of chemicals and heat by tools make them brittle, dry and rough. The brittle and weak hairs are main cause of hair fall. Many hairstyles and hair accessories also cause hair loss if used in wrong manner or used for a longer period like some kind of braids.

hair loss
Medication also causes hair fall
Hormonal and health changes play an important role in hair growth and development. Any diseased condition like stress, cancer, diabetes and thyroid problem cause extreme hair fall. Some other conditions like pregnancy, menopause, childbirth, lactation affects hair growth. Many medicines and radio and chemo therapies enhances hair fall. Medicines to reduce weight, depression and blood thinners also causes hair fall.

Hereditary causes of hair loss
Hair loss can be due to genetic factors. About 15% of women in the USA express this gene after a specific age period. Hair follicles get blocked by combined form of dehydrotestosterone and some hormones.

Curing the hair loss in women

Hair loss can be treated by some probable treatments.

Taking the proper medicine
FDA suggests many medicines to reduce hair loss which shows effective results after few month usages. Rogaine is a medicine recommended when hairs number and growth reduces. This is available in local medical stores, works late, but effective. Take it regularly otherwise hairs grown by its use will get loss. But this medicine should be used if doctor prescribes it as many side-effects like growth of hairs in other parts of body and fluid retention has been observed. Some synthetic herbal hair loss products are also available in market.

Hair transplants
New and modern technique to increase numbers of hair, if you have lost hairs, even if you are bald this method works well. Doctor scion hairs in hair follicles which were blocked by toxins or transplants hair follicle from any other body part to the required body part. It has become very common in a few days as successful results have been observed. It is the last therapy in hair loss treatment, but it may cause itching in some patients which can be cured by moisturizer.

Doctor's suggestion
Diagnosis is required in any diseased condition so if hair fall occurs, then take the suggestions of doctor. He will examine the reason and type of hair fall then can recommend you any precise medicine.

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