How to Make Hair Thick and Full of Volume and Healthy

Healthy hairs mean they are shiny, heavy and soft in touch. It has been the desire of females from the last centuries. They have put many efforts to improve and re-grow their hair. They try homemade and synthetic therapies for getting awesome hairs. The choice of these hair products make them extra conscious about their hair if they have any information for proper selection. To get rid of thin, dull and dry hairs anyone who is willing to have healthy hairs should keep in mind the following tips. These tips are very effective; you will feel a big difference when you try them regularly. A woman having bulky hairs is seen again and again as she has such beauty which has been lost by many people.

Proper hair styling for bulky hairs:

Many techniques are followed throughout the world to make your hair fluffy and bulky. You can use a haircut, any hair styling appliance, hair products, and natural products like eggs to boost up the volume hairs. The voluminous hairs make you more elegant and beautiful playing a more important role than your features. The proper way of using hair products and tools is important as in case of straighter, avoid it to touch roots of hairs and move it toward tips.

Hot oil treatment to moisten your hair:

healthy hairs
Moisture is the basic necessity of hairs because it protects them from damaging. Oiling is the rich source to moisten your hair. Oil can be used of many types like coconut, olive, herbal oils, mustard and almond oil. Hot oil treatment is the best way to lock moisture for a longer time. It should be tried once in a week and just takes two hours. Use hot oil by heating it in hot water bowl and apply on hairs then cover with hot moist towel. Heat will increase up the speed of oil being absorbed by hairs.

Conditioning by a proper conditioner:

Different brands providing lot of conditioners in different tastes, but you should choose it according to your hair type, their condition and with suggestion of your doctor. These moisten your scalp and hairs and clean them from dust and microbes. Heat protecting conditioners are also available to secure our hair from the use of hair tools. The hot conditioning treatment should be done to get shiny hairs. You have to cover your hair with towel after its application for ten minutes before washing with shampoo.

Ready made hair extensions:

To increase the volume of hair, extensions are easy and urgent way without damaging your hair. You can use extensions of same color or of different colors then your hair. If you do not want to highlight your extension, then use of same color, but a different color gives you sexier look.

Using branded hair products:

Hair products have amino acids and proteins of which hairs are made of. These are best when you have rough, irregular and split hairs because they add amino acids at gaps of hairs. But their choice is a tough job, you should read their composition before buying.

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  1. Nice tips...thanks for this information.

    Here is one of my simple tips to enhance your beauty.
    Source =

    Hair growth tips in natural way.
    Coconut milk is used to increase the growth of hair naturally.Try this up to a few weeks you will see , how it works.

    One more tips
    Blood circulation increases the production of cells in the head.By production of new cells enhance the growth of hair in the head.Blood circulation is increased by applying warm oil (heat the coconut oil for a few minutes, apply the oil with warm temperature along the scalp).It increases the hair growth.

    How to get Black-Dark hair.
    Take half litre Gingely oil.Mix that oil with one cup full of Curry leaves.Keep it closed.Then use that oil twice a day.Before that make a little heat for better results.

    How to stop falling hair.
    To stop the hair fall, take badam oil with coconut oil with equal quantity, massage for 15- 30 min before taking bath.

    If you follow these tips you can reduce the hair loss, get dark black hair, increase your hair growth,hair growth rate becomes faster, and easy method to grow your hair, hair loss prevention.


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