Bright Makeup Shades for Gorgeous Looks

Colors always have a great impact on mood, feelings, and emotions. It tells a lot about personality, influence mood and also communicate signals. It is also considered as a powerful force to change mood and attitude. Bright colors are used to attract attention. It shows the loudness, confidence and boldness.  Whereas when we talk about light colors it gives the soothing effect. Calmness, softness and cute attitude are also associated with light colors. Wearing colors should be according to season as in summer season bright and illuminating shades are mostly in because it gives energy. Colors which make you warm from inside are surely colors for summer. Winters are basically very rich in their coloring. Shades like icy blue, pastels and also dark shades go with it.

As far as makeup is concerned, women always feel inclined toward bright shades because it enhances their features. Using bright shades in makeup grabs attention which all women want. Applying bright colors are always matter of concern therefore here are few ideas which should be considered before playing with bright shades.

Choose the right color for your complexion:

It is very important that makeup should suit your skin tone. Check your complexion before applying makeup. There are lots of shades available for different skin tone so you can select accordingly. If you have darker skin tone, go for stunning shades.  On the other hand fair complexion ladies can pick sharp shades like deep red. Medium skin tone can play with different bright shades as well.  Pink is a color of softness and elegance so it suits to almost all complexions.
bright makeup

Keep your makeup moderate:

One of the most important things which should be kept in mind while applying makeup is “moderation”. Yes! Keeping your makeup balanced is very essential. It is true that bright shades never get unnoticed but it is also the fact that overly done makeup can make your face pathetic as well. While applying makeup you are required to keep balance among all your facial features.

Think what you are wearing:

Wearing makeup is a lot to do with your dressing style. Yes! Your dressing will decide your makeup eye shades your lip color and else.  It can only add glamour to your look.

Play with your features:

Playing with your features will be fun while applying makeup. It is necessary to carefully apply bright shades. Not all the features of your face require emphases. May be enhancing eyes would be enough for you or just a dark lipstick could work better. Sometimes only applying bright blush adds glamour touch. When you are wearing dark eye shades it is recommended to use light lip color. Give stress by applying deep eye mascara or thick coat of eyeliners. If you want to paint your lips with sharp shades never wear dark eye shades with it.


You can add funky touch in your makeup by using bubbly lip colors. It is suitable for teenage girls when they are hanging out with their friends. Gloss are must have this summer. It shows energy and fun. Orange and candy pink go with all skin tone. Smoky eye shades and glossy lipstick have a great combination in summer.

Wearing neon’s:

Neon makeup is for those women who really want to stand out of the crowd. You can either go for bright neon eye shadow or wear luminous lip color. You can stick to one shade at a time or make rainbow with contrasting colors. Fluorescent mascara is also very in this summer. The best thing is this neon shades are not restricted with dress colors, you can play with it in any case.

Pair with bright color accessories:

It is a great way to make your colors noticeable. Wearing a bright makeup can be more catchy when accessories with bright colored items. For instance when you are wearing electric blue outfit you can go for silver makeup or pick a matching bag or jewelry.

Few more suggestions:

  • You can match your lipstick with your bags and sandals.
  • Only a red lipstick can give a bold look.
  • Wearing bold color need attention in makeup.
  • Bright eye shadow is a funky way to add colors in your eyes.

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