What Are the Advantages of Mineral Foundation Makeup

Mineral foundation makeup is creating hype these days. Do you want to know what basically mineral foundation is? It is a kind of foundation or base makeup which is made up of mineral ingredients usually corn starch. It is available in variety of form in the market like powder, liquid or in a pressed powder. Basically it is formulated to facilitate skin to inhale and to make it look healthier. A good mineral foundation can make your skin radiant as it is free from oil, talc, FD&C dyes, synthetic preservatives, parabens, or synthetic fragrance which hinders skin beauty. It is natural, ultra water resistant and can be worn for whole day without getting worried for your skin.

Mineral Foundation and Different Skin Types

The best thing about mineral foundation is that it suitable for all skin types especially for sensitive and reactive skin. Risk of irritation is very low in mineral foundation and because it is less oily it is also suitable for acne prone skin.
As we know makeup should be worn according to season so the best thing about mineral foundation is that it is suitable in all seasons. It provides little sun protection in summers and keeps skin fresh. It has a better staying power when applied in humid weather. Some mineral foundation has a waterproof or sweat proof property which is an advantage for summer season. Whereas it’s liquid form facilitate during winters by keeping skin away from dryness.
Mineral Foundation


Applying mineral foundation would be fun if you follow these steps.
  • Cleanse: Cleansing your face is the most important step. Wash out all dirt and impurities before applying foundation. It is a first step toward flawless skin.
  • Moisturize: After washing your face apply good moisturizer to your skin. Remember dry skin cannot absorb foundation and may get dry patches on it. It brings smoothness to your skin. Rough skin also looks old and ugly with foundation.
  • Select mineral foundation: Keep in mind that foundation should be according to your skin type. Care must be taken while selecting among liquid, loose powder or pressed powder mineral foundation.
  • Applying loose powder foundation: There is a variation in applying different type of foundation. First take little amount of loose powder foundation and then apply it with the help of brush. The quality of brush is also to be considered. It is recommended to apply first on cheeks, then sides of your face with circular motion followed by chin and forehead. Don’t apply too much of it at a time.
  • Pressed mineral foundation: It should be applied with the help of sponge. Make it little bit wet before applying so that dry spots could be avoided but for oily skin dry sponge is also suitable.
  • Liquid mineral foundation: Liquid foundations are mostly recommended for dry skin as it keeps moisture alive. It is also applied with the help of sponge or with finger tips. First apply thin layer of foundation and cover whole face with it. Then enhance features like jaw bone, cheeks and chin. Apply another layer if necessary.
  • Choosing best shade: Choose color which complements your skin tone. Best way to choose is to apply foundation to your jawline close to neck. It can also be tested on to your wrist. By whatever way you are choosing, go for the closest match.

Major advantages of mineral foundation:

  • It is suitable for almost all skin types.
  • Available in variety of forms so you can use according to your choice.
  • Also work as a sun screen.
  • It has a good absorbent in it that’s why recommended for oily skin type.
  • You can enjoy matt finish for all day long.
  • It is considered as best choice to avoid irritation.
  • You can be protected by environmental pollution with mineral foundation.
  • It enhances your skin natural beauty.
  • It can be wear for long time. 

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