How to Do Pink Eye Shadow

Pink eye shadow just doesn’t lighten up lips but it also highlights the eyelids. Although pink eye shadow can come out daunting in its packaging it can look elegant on a fair skin. If you don’t apply pink eye shadow with accuracy and technique it will make you look horrid. This is one of the chief reasons why women shy away when using pink as their eye shadow. All you need to do is make a correct choice of shade; pink eye shadows can enlighten your eyes. It can make your eyes white area look brighter and make your sleepy eyes awake. For a heightened and elucidated look, follow the simple instructions for applying your pink eye shadow.

Pick & Choose the Perfect Shade

There are numerous shades of pink available in the beauty store for you to select from. For the most pleasing effect, choose a shade of pink that goes well with your skin tone. For a new and fresh look, don’t opt for shimmery shades but more subtle and mild shades would give that perfect feel to your eyes. If you have dark undertone; then pick out golden or peach. And if you are light undertone then use silvery or bluish pink to make your eyes stand out. When going out at night, you can choose lively shade of pink.

Prepare a Primer Base

pink eye shadow
There are many brands in the market that sell the first-rate primers to add to the beauty of your eyes. A primer works as a base for your eye shadow and makes it easy for the eye shadow to mix smoothly on your eyelids. To maintain your makeup well for stretched periods and makes it sparkle, prepare your eyes and cheeks with a primer. The trick to apply the primer is from lash line to the brow line.

Application of Pink eye shadow

The design for applying any makeup product is to initiate by a very small amount and then form layers of it as required. When applying the pink eye shadow, take a small amount of eye shadow on the makeup brush and very slightly tap off the excess powder from the brush. Remember to start from the inner corner and rub the brush off on the whole eye lid, ending on the outer corner of the lid. The eye shadow must not be on the crease but above it. When brushing the eye shadow, use slight and tender strokes while blending it. In order to rub away the hard lines that has appeared in the eye shadow, use soft eye shadow brush.

Soften up the Pink

To give dimension to your eye makeup, apply a second eye shadow over the natural pink eye shadow such as light brown or dark pink. Taupe, lilac, dark purple or even grey are alternatives to intensify the beauty of your eyes. The technique is to apply the second shade on the outer eyelid and it should give an image as though the dark shade is perfectly transforming into light shade.

Brow area to be highlighted

To enhance the beauty of your eyes and give them a perfect framed look you need to bring your brow bone to light and draw attention to it using a light colored shadow such as white or shimmer.

Apply Rich Velvety Eyeliner

For a well thought-out look, polish off your look by applying eyeliner to your top lash line. To get natural look you can opt for any color of eyeliner of your choice such as black, brown, grey or even purple.

Define your Eyes-Mascara

Classify your eyes by curling them firstly then applying a mascara to top and bottom lashes to give a framed eye-catching look. Black or brown mascara are perfect choices for a natural affair. It will make your eyes look graceful and elegant.

Healthy Suggestions

  • Don’t apply too much of pink eye shadow on the lower lash line it will make your eyes look bloated or too puffy!
  • Blending is one of the most essential steps while applying eye shadow.
  • If you have hazel or blue eyes, stay with subtle earthy tones to make your flecks stand out.

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