Lip Balms for your Lip Care

Lips are very prominent part of your face which needs special care. Lips suffer a lot from dryness and harshness so proper care is needed to them. Without a proper nourishment of lips your face gives a dull looks. Lips should be kept well hydrated and moisturized especially during winters. Lip balms are available in market for this purpose from which some are mentioned in this article.

EOS lip balm: This lip balm is made up of vitamin E and Shea butter. EOS (evolution of smooth) perfectly moisturizes your lips for a long time. It is an organic lip balm and available in stick form in market.
Burt’s bees lip balm: It is also an organic lip balm made up of beeswax, vitamin E and peppermint oil. Peppermint has a capability of giving soothe to lips.
Kiehl’s lip balm: This lip balm made up of lanolin and almond oil protects your lips from chapping and cracking. They are available in tube as well as jar form.
Smith’s rosebud salve tin: It contains a light fragrance and works on dry and chapped lips. It is also used for minor burns.
Pangea organic lip balm: It is made up of jojoba oil. It is little expensive but work very effectively.
Golden rife lip balm: This lip balm available in different fruity flavors which protect and help in moisturizing your lips for long period.
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Aveda lip saver: This lip balm also has sunscreen property i.e. SPF 15 which not only moisturize your lips but also protect them from harsh sun rays.
Coscoi plus lip balm: This lip balm also has a sun screen power and a capability of gel forming which protect your lips from drying and cracking.
Juice beauty lip balm: it is an organic lip balm available in variety of shade contains spf 15 keep your lips healthy and luscious.

Homemade lip balms:

  • Luscious lavender lip balm: This lip balm contains jojoba, almond or olive oil, beeswax, honey, and vitamin E oil, drops of lavender essential oil, cocoa powder, and colored natural lipstick. Remember to sterilize the bottle in which you keep this balm.
  • Coco rosy lip balm: This lip balm is made up of coconut oil, grated cocoa butter, dried rose buds, vitamin E oil, drops of rose essential oil. As it contains coconut oil which liquefies at warm keep this balm in cold temperature.
  • Minty chocolate lip balm: This lip balm is made-up of grated beeswax, coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, honey, cocoa powder, vitamin E oil, peppermint essential oil.

Home remedies for lip care:

  • For pinkish lips rub rose petals on your lips.
  • Apply honey mix with glycerin on your lips for perfect moisturizing.
  • Keep your lips hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  • Apply apple seeds by crushing them on your lips to enhance lip color.
  • Apply ghee or butter for cracked lips.

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