How To Apply Eyeliner for Stage Makeup

If you are professional dancer and you are going to dance contests to theater presentations, at hand many events when stage makeover is essential. Normal makeover will not do well when you are on theater platform. Stage makeover is different from normal makeup because this is as the dazzling lights on stage will give out a dissimilar expression to your face with just a usual makeup on. For this reason, it is essential that you be aware of how to adjust your makeup when the occasions come that you want to come into sight before a bunch of people. This is factual for a batch of events like theater acts and dance matches.

One of the most essential objects about your makeup for a stage performance that you really need to upkeep about is the eyeliner. A best eyeliner treatment can style your eyes communicate to the viewers and no staple how close or far-off they are from the stage. So have a look at these guiding lights, ideas and tips in your eyeliner treatment for stage performance intentions.


Before you applying makeup your skin should be moist from cleansing. Always use a moisturizer to make sure good and fresh skin tone. Moisturizer all up the face and neck, and a fluffy cream, oil or balm on the lips.


apply eyeliner
Always go for a natural makeup look. This will keep hold of goodness, purity and freshness of your face. For a bright, flashing, alluring effect make-up should be stylish and elegant, and should give you an overall energetic and stunning look.

Eye Makeup

As a stage dancing performance you can select to use an eye shadow to compliment the rest of your makeup and dressing. Use a light shade so that your eyes will look more energetic an alive.
Put on shine eye shadow as this will make the eyes look superior and give attraction to the audience.


Always select the correct eye lining that is for stage makeover, it is good to wear liquid and pencil eye liner.
  • Pencil eyeliner
  • Pencil eyeliners will give your eyes smooth and flexible sharpness.
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Whereas liquid eyeliner use for creating a dramatic look.
  • Powder eyeliner
  • Powdered eye shadow can also be used as eyeliner. Apply the eyeliner powder dry for a smooth day look. You can moist dark eye shades by using powder eye liners and put in with a small, smooth brush to there is a wide variety of powder liners available, and you can also moisten dark eye shadow and apply it with a small, flat brush to dual as liner.

How to apply liner

  • Use white eyeliner on the waterline to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter.
  • Firstly you will make lining eyes with black eyeliner and this look truly stick out.
  • If you want to use liquid eyeliner, you can apply liner on the topmost lid and if you want to use pencil eyeliner, you can apply bottommost lid.
  • Use pencil eyeliner for jointly lids and look very young dancer.
  • For upper lid put on skinny liner and straight from the inside angle. If you want to get affected look, let the line to hold out elsewhere the natural eyelid.
  • For lower lid, beginning at the outside angle of the eye and get a skinny line under the lower lashes. Liner should start where the lashes start and finish where they end on jointly eyelids.
  • Remember keep in mind that as a professional dancer never go again those stages without the proper treatment of makeup with suitable eyeliner.
  • One more thing keep in mind that the way you put on liner and makeup is a way to create attraction towards audience and make you popular dancer.


  • Always chose liner tested by ophthalmologist for eye safety.
  • You should go choose eye wears that are allergy reaction tested and fragrance free.
  • Keep Eye Pencils in Good Shape.
  • Keep your eye healthy and if you have eye frustration, look for a sensitive-eye formulation.
  • Choose liquid eyeliner that make dry fast to avoid stains.

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