How to Apply Makeup (for Teen Girls)

Getting a change, restyling, cosmetic treatment once in awhile is useful and effective for your self-esteem. It modifications the style you make out yourself, and the way the world recognize you. A makeover brings about once your thought, mind, boldness towards yourself changes. When you become conscious that you are prepared to change yourself, to turn into big shot want to style an impact, and leave behind a feeling and reaction and you have move on close to creating a new you. If you think that just shifting the way you dress, your hairstyle and your glam look, is not ample. You should focus on self-confidence, coolness, frame of mind with which you carry off these changes.

You just have to put in a slight time out of your frantic plan to clean up and groom yourself and look gorgeous. Here are certain effortless easy and straightforward directions for girls, to get better look up your whole appearance.


Grow in perfect Shape

If you want to perfect look you need to keep fit on daily basis through exercise like yoga.
Working out shakes your body, your skin, and your confidence. If you want to get healthy, strong and fit, remember to keep your diet in mind and get a glowing and attractive skin.

Hair style

Your hairstyle makes the look of your all-inclusive face. Your hair should be charming and organized. Maintain your hairstyle up to date. You can use different hair styles that are present in fashion trend such as: Bangs, French braid, layered hairstyles, curly blonde, French twist, Long hair, Ponytail etc.
If your hair looks too dry and frizzy, apply oil and do massage your hair. Delight your hair to a good shampoo and conditioner.

Glam Look

For a glam and perfect look you need to have a fresh, glow and healthy skin. Your face should be flawless. Your face should be free of acne or pimples and you should go to a dermatologist to find a skin product.


Always go for a natural makeup look. This will keep hold of goodness, purity and freshness of your face. For a bright, flashing, alluring effect make-up should be stylish and elegant, and should give you an overall energetic and stunning look.
Put on slight makeup which gives your face a tonic looks very natural. Use natural lipsticks shades. You can use light and neutral eye shadows. Apply brown or grey eyeliner instead of black.

Nail Art

Nail art is a suitable and effective way to draw interest to your hands. Go natural with different nail art changes. Nail art can balance your outfit for unique occasions as well as to your everyday look. You can make attractive, unique designs to look up your nails.
You can go for polka dots, stripes, Mario Nails, Diamond nails, Glowing nails, Bacon nails, Binary nails, Browser nails, Zipper nails, cartoon character nails design you can create.


Always use a moisturizer and a sunscreen before you step out to make sure good and fresh skin tone.

Fashion Clothing

Fashion is all about collaborating and matching the old with the new trend. Fashion styles and looks change from one season to another, so you need to know all about them to dress fashionably.
Every single female desire to dress stylish and elegantly that makes her look up to date and feel good. When you outfit stylishly and know that you look good, you feel stimulating and confident.
If you want to make a good impress people you need to be well turned-out and you need to dress stylishly.


If you cannot afford expensive clothes you can choose fashion accessories such as artificial jewellery, bags and purses, sunglasses and shoe in a unique collection for a perfect look. Pick shoes that are comfortable, soft, stylish and in good condition.

Look finest when going out

Always take care of your skin, hair and teeth and choose modest, fitting outfits.


Grooming Your Personality. You should give some time in personal improvement, the way you walk, the way you clutch yourself, the way you express, the way you comport yourself in different situations. Be cool and self-assured, glad and well-balanced in your skin and that will unconsciously have an impact on your outer looks.

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