How To Apply Face Powder Properly

Face powder is most likely one of the most used up cosmetic since applying powder is the fastest and easiest way to spots-on your makeup and stains throughout the day and the secret to making your makeup last. Face powder is a cosmetic powder to fix a foundation after use. It can also be reapplied all over the day to reduce silkiness reasoned by oily skin. Face powder is among the few beauty essentials. Powder tones the face and gives a smooth appearance. All women from all over the world apply face powder every day before going out.

Skin Tone

Face powder comes up to in different shades to match changing skin tones, and it is a good idea to select the skin tone that most closely matches the natural skin.

Pressed powder and loose powder

There are usual two types of face powder. Pressed powder and loose powder.
  • Pressed powder: is usually heavier and provides more attention, Pressed powder comes in a compact and can be applied with a dry puff.
  • Loose powder: is lighter during the usage. Loose powder Comes in a container and must be brushed on with a large powder brush.

Face Powder For different season

keep in your mind it may be necessary to use different face powder for summer season and winter season because the skin may become more dark and sunburned in the summer and it may become more drier and in need of extra moisture in winter.

Face Powder for Oily skin

Oily skin is usually a problem that influences most teenagers. Matte Powder is maybe the most essential cosmetic for those with oily skin. People who have oily skin can use matte foundation with matte face powder will ensure that your makeup lasts as long as possible.

Flawless Look

The key goal of applying face powder is to improve your skin’s look.
You can get a flawless look by applying face powder and it can also hide face staining because the face powder will tone down unnecessary shine on your face.

Benefits of using Face powder

  • Face powder helps to fix the foundation.
  • Powder helps to absorb oil on the skin.
  • It helps to reduce shine.
  • Help you get a clean and flawless look.
  • Face powder offers sun protection.
  • Give you smooth skin tone.
  • Keep holds your makeup for a longer time.

How to apply loose powder

When you are going to use loose powder drop the powder brush into the powder and jiggle off the excess powder. The brush will help you to apply the powder on your face. Firstly, apply it to the centre of your face, forehead and chin. Rub the face softly and slightly to cover all areas. If you are using darker shade of powder keep your mind you must apply a little amount of powder to the neck, if you will not apply in neck area your face will look unnatural.

How to apply pressed powder

You can use puff for this powder and it is suitable for those with very oily skin. Press the powder into your makeup using the puff that comes with the compact. Pressed powder also applies to the lips area and eyelids. At the end don’t forget to remove the excess powder with a clean large brush.


  • Don’t forget to apply powder to the neck and ears.
  • Don’t forget to clean your brushes and puffs.
  • Balance the powder with your skin tone.
  • Always remove the excess powder with a clean large brush.
  • Apply blush last.
  • Avoid lay on the powder below your eyes.
  • Dust your face with a glowing powder to set your new look.
  • Don’t put in powder in dry and diseased skin.
If you need to have a fresh, glow and healthy skin, you must have a good face cleanser as well as good toner to use twice a day. Try to attach as much as fruits and vegetables to your diet. Drink plenty of water and take fresh fruit/vegetable juices that help shrink the free radical activity and keep the skin healthy and fresh look.

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