Makeup Tips for a Plus Size Woman

In all over the world women are crazy for makeup. Looking beautiful is a wish of every woman or every woman want to look beautiful. But when a woman gain wait or little bit healthy they become conscious about their looks. Application of makeup is solve the conscious problem of healthy woman. There are very few and simple application of makeup.


Base is very important in makeup for slim as well as healthy woman. The selection of quality base directly effect on all over the makeup. If the base of makeup is not mach the skin the healthy woman looks healthier. In market many types of base are available like liquids, powder etc.the concentration only on skin mach as well as quality. Best base choice make healthy woman hot and beautiful even in summer.


It is fact that balances of thing are very important. This formula also applies on slim as well as healthy woman. When healthy woman pickup right color or apply best color it enhances personality of healthy woman. Another important thing is that the selected colors properly blanch with finger. the choice of color also according to the occasion like in (Day Night).
plus size woman


Eyelashes makeup enhances the eye lids. Usually eyelashes make up finished with eyeliner and mascara. In market very few color are available with comparison to the eyeshades. In which brown and black color is common and popular in market as well as in woman. But its application is tricky but not impossible. Only carefully apply eyeliner and mascara on eyelashes and after this close your eyes for few minutes.

Cheeks contouring

Cheeks contouring are very important like Base. Its color is also mach with your skin .skin mach color of blush give very power full and attractive change on your skin. The application method of blush on cheeks is also matter. When you apply blush on your cheeks your looks are totally different and attractive. Best application method is also change your skin tone and also hides your healthy cheeks. This makes you a confidence woman.

Lip liner and lipstick.

Its can allow you; apply different color of lip liner and lipstick. Because it helps you in choice of best color of lip liner and lipstick. But you should keep in mind the color of lip liner and lipstick bold and bright because it gives additional enhancement of your personality.

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