How To Repair Broken Nails

Nails exhibit beauty of hands and women give special attention in their profiling and to maintain nail glamour. There is nail art, coloring nail with different contract shade and texture and a wide range of fashion within just focusing on nails. A woman personality becomes so elegant and delegate with nicely done nail and what will more good then even decorated with style. Nails beauty for women is very close to heart and when she see her painted stylish nail twisting through edge or torn down she almost die because she have spent time and money on bringing them to this lavishness.

Now solution is at your doorstep and handy as well. Of course no one wants to carry tore one nail but a broken nail I also unpleasant to see. O for solution you can play smartly. Mend it, replace it or decorate it like before.

Add character while Hiding Twisted nail

Nail art can play vital role in hiding broken tail tip. You need to apply such nail art that depict that short nail I meant for this style. You can play wisely like design art in more vertically that will give your nail a longer look. Hiding broken nail can do masterly through this method. Else you can do is vary nail art design on each finger like ammo type. Give le or more look alike shape to other finger’s nail and similarly varies in design nail art on each fingernail. Add fun doing this and believe me you can maximum optimize nail tear through this method.

Replace with mock nail

fix broken nails
Using artificial nail is considering as best remedy for torn nail. It covers the damage of breakage nail plus complements your all nails. You cake resize it a you want. Follow simple rules to add mock nail. Use glue, normal glue or hard glue that doesn’t react with skin. Apply glue on upper surface of broken nail ideally cover whole of the nail link edges with cuticles. Now pat the artificial nail on finger nail surface and press with little pressure on it. Give it some time to tick with fingernail and then move further. When assure enough that it sticker with nail you can file it, resize it or apply nail art on it. Don’t cast too much pressure on it causing tremble from its place.

Fix the torn nail

Note: For instance there are nail mender kit are available on good cosmetic stores. That you can avail on ask. Better is to approach kit rather messing up with idle and inappropriate tools. You need to keep by yourself nail mender solution, fiber tape or tea bag paper, filling rod and nail brush.
  • Start with the procedure having clean nails without nail color and any wet.
  • Spread enough amount of nail mender solution on clean surfaced broken nail.
  • Grab the fiber paper or tea bag paper and make it wet with liquid nail mender solution. Remember to cut big enough paper to cover nail too much short paper will not give any benefits. Use the brush in nail mender kit to apply wetness on paper. When done leave in 2 seconds in air but not too much.
  • Give final touch while laying the liquid paper on nail surface covering the broken edge on torn nail edge jointly. Rub the surface smoothly twice.
  • Rap the extra remaining paper under nail and don’t cut it. It will give the nail support beneath it. Keep finer intact with any action.
  • Almost done with mending, now second phase starts. Keep nail in air to dry enough. Remember! Proceed only when mending coating is well dry.
  • Apply another layer of mending solution nicely with tiny nail brush to give it strength.
  • So you are ready now to apply decorative stuff on nail. Do nail profiling and apply nail shiner, nail color or nail art and go out for party without any hesitation.
Let me remind you follow this procedure in existence of appropriate tools otherwise your artificial nail will shadow your whole personality as artificial.  

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