How to Select a Nail Polish Color

Confusion is something which irritates you a lot especially when you have so many choices. Sometimes confusion leads to wrong decision. Nail color was considered like a trend from last few years. Every women use to wear nail polish either going for a get together or in a formal party or any professional meeting. Women feel incomplete without nail color but sometimes the choice of nail polish according to the event makes them confuse. To avoid these confusion perfect guidelines is necessary and art of playing color is also very important. Nail polish is like a fashion statement nowadays. Here are some tips for you so that you can chose nail color wisely according to the event you want to go.

For Professional Gathering:

Professional gathering are places where you have to present yourself very wisely and professionally. So whatever you wear and whatever your style is, counts a lot. In professional gathering the best is to go for light decent shade of nail color so vibrant colors looks awkward. Go for neutral shades.

For Casual Wear:

nail polish color
In casual settings you have vast choices. You have a choice of matching your nail color with your clothes but the best is to choose the color which is neither so bright nor so light moderate colors are best for casual wear.

For Formal Wear:

If you are going for any formal party or wedding contrasting colors appeals a lot. You can also try different shades of red as it look very classy in formal occasions. You can also wear black it also looks very trendy in formal wear. for formal wear you can choose any color just give a little style while carrying it. you can also do nail art with different colors while going for formal parties it looks very stylish but avoid using too many colors in nail arts. choose colors that compliment your personality a lot.

For Day Time Event:

If you are going to attend any day time event then go for tints of colors as light shades best suits on day time like pink, sky blue, skin color, silver. day time limit you to choose from variety. selection of color for daytime confuse a little bit but be wise and updated with latest trend to make right decisions.

For Evening:

For evening or night you can choose dark shades like maroon, shocking pink, burgundy, red orange, purple, golden. evening parties gives you so much choice but the main thing is how you carry it.


  • Keep yourself updated with latest trend.
  • Try different shades at home.
  • Choose your nail color wisely. Take advise of any one if necessary.
  • Keep your nails painted it gives you classy appearance.
  • Be yourself avoid copying style of any one else.

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