How to Choose the Best Blow Dryer for Your Hair

Blow drying your hair is the best way to flatten out your coils or add waves to your hair without chemical treatment. Perfect blow drying requires patience, determination and lots of practice. Blow drying could add volume to your hair. Bad hairs in the morning When you wake up in the morning and look your face in the mirror and shout it out that what happened to my hairs or is that any ghost or I am watching a bad dream but after pinching yourself you get awakened and mostly women get feeling it depressed but there is no need of getting depressed you just have to follow the simple tips and techniques. When you come out after taking a shower in the morning and if you are a working woman then you are always in a hurry to dry your hair because you can't carry wet hair out, and you have a deadline to not to be get late to your office. So blow dryer your hairs which become common necessities nowadays. Blow dryers not only dry your hair, but also help you in styling them. They are available everywhere in every next cosmetic shop you will find it cheaper and easily there are thousands of brands but it is difficult to choose the "just right" blow dryer for your hair. You must pick the one that correctly suit your hair. You should check out for some vital features. Confirm that whether the product comes with the registered cosmetic company. Nowadays they are claiming us that your hair stays smooth, silky and frizz free after usage of their products. One of the latest technologies is introduced which is advanced Nano Technology. This latest technology is mostly used in all professional hair dryer salons and it keeps your hair bacteria free. There are certain things to remember through which your hairs become straight without any harm.

Importance of wattage:

your hairs mean more than your time. Using high wattage blow drier means giving more heat to your hairs in a small time. Use of 1750 watt is recommended normally but if your hairs are thicker than use between 1900 to 2000 watt but not more than this.

Recommend settings:

blow driers now available in market are having multiple settings. Heat levels are low, high, and medium. Air is cold or hot. Best is to use medium heat with hot air for fastest results and with minimal damage of hair.

Type of drier:

if you are blow drying your hairs for the sake of straightening them then ceramic and tourmaline technologies are the best for this purpose. Ceramic gives your hairs straight look while tourmaline adds shine and luster. They are little bit expensive but the benefit is that you can use it on regular basis. On the other hand plastic or metallic ones damages your hair too much they are not so costly but their results are very poor.

A dryer’s weight:

dryer’s weight is another important thing to be considered while selecting blow drier. For short hairs weight is not a big issue as it doesn’t take too much time to dry them but if your hairs are long then after few minutes your hands get tired and suffer from ache. It is recommending going for drier whose weight is not more than 2 lbs.

Price of blow dryer:

blow drier are now very common and are available at different price ranges but it is very important for you to see its features. Your blow dryer should be according to your price range and also according to your requirements. Ceramic and tourmaline are little expensive but they have out class results without any damage.


  • Choose your blow dryer very carefully after survey and comparing the prices of two or three shops.
  • Condition your hair before drying them it will reduces damage.
  • Use of high heat can damage your hairs so avoid drying your hairs on high heat.

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