Natural and Organic Shampoo for Healthy Hairs

Hairs are part of body which are more vulnerable to damage and falling problem. They needs special attention and care especially in during any kind of disease. Diet plays an important role in the nourishment of healthy hairs but proper treatment with shampoos and conditioners are also very important. Nowadays so many shampoos are available in market. Some of them suits on your hairs other causes hair fall or hair damage but the ingredients present in all shampoos are very harsh so be attentive while choosing shampoo and conditioners.

Benefits of Organic Shampoo:

Organic shampoos are available in markets which are nutrient rich with botanicals that maintain your hair moisture and the vitamins present in them leave your hair shiny and silky without any harsh side effects. They are toxin free hence you can use them easily. They are mostly available in recycled packaging hence don’t harm the environment and can be use anywhere any time. They are very gentle and especially form for sensitive skin. Beta glucan is the main ingredient of organic shampoo which is capable of enhancing immune response both internally as well as tropically.

Points to be consider while selecting organic shampoo for your hairs:

healthy hairs
There are certain points that should be consider while buying organic shampoo for you. Few considerations are very important for best buying process of organic shampoo some of them are as follows:

Selection of Store:

First step is to select the store that is remarkably well known and whose products are original. Avoid going to small shops for buying products like this you can find original products from large leading stores or market check the authenticity of that shop.

Check the Ingredients:

The second and the most important step are to check the ingredients carefully. Some companies claim that their products are fully organic and natural but they are actually wrong. The ingredients which you have to follow are green tea, rosemary, white camellia oil and ginseng. Buy that shampoo which contains all or any of these ingredients.

Fragrance Analysis:

Judge the fragrance of the product. Companies that claim that their product are natural and organic, have the smell of lavender and jasmine oils, vegetarian soaps and proteins, coconut oil in their shampoos. Smell the shampoo well before buying it. This step helps you a lot in determining which one is the original product and best for your hairs.

Pick the right one:

After observing and careful judgment pick the one which contain either all or any of these qualities. Take an advice of an expert that which shampoo suits you the best according to your hair type. If you have dry hairs then ingredients like aloe vera, mint and jojoba oil is very effective. If your hairs are oily then chamomile, rosemary and tea tree oil helps you a lot. Its up to you how you judge your hairs.

Making Organic Shampoo at Home:

Take 1 ½ cup distilled water and boil it. After boiling remove it from stove then add 1 tbsp lavender flowers, 1 Tbsp. dried rosemary, 1 Tbsp. dried nettle, and 2 Tbsp. dried chamomile flowers in it. Let them in the water for 30 minutes so that all ingredients extracted in the water and cover it with cloth. After 30 minutes strain the liquid properly and put it into bottle and add 1 tsp jojoba oil in it and stir the mixture thoroughly. Further add lavender oil 1 tsp and ½ cup organic castile soap in it and again stir them. Keep it in refrigerator to preserve its freshness. Use as per demand.

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