How To Get Plump Lips With Small Effort

Chubby and plumper lips are very common in girls nowadays. Out of 100 more than half of the girls are willing that they could have pouty smile. For the sake of this they are using surgical methods or using injections which are very expensive and every one couldn't afford it. Plumper lips give your face a prominent and classy look. Girls who have thin lips usually demands for plumper lips so, for them in this article few tips and instructions are available through which they can make their lips plumper with little effort.


Use of lip plumper:
Lip plumper is available in market, by apply of which your lips become swell and give them chubby looks. read the package carefully or ask any one for the procedure of using it because excess of it can harm your lips.
Brush your lips:
By using your teeth brush, brush your lips it irritate them to plump. It is the easiest way of lips plumping. brushing cause irritation through which your lips get plump. don’t brush too much as it harm your lips and cause bleeding.
lip plump
Use of cinnamon leaf:
Use of cinnamon leaf will plump your lips due to its concentration. As it is very much concentrated take a very little and apply it to your lips for fuller effect. apply cinnamon leaf for few minutes until you feel that your lip are now giving fuller effect.
Use of foundation:
While doing make up apply base to your lips also. Before applying lipstick apply lip liner little outside to your lip boundaries then apply lipstick under this outline this will give your lips fuller effect. this is the best and the most easiest way of getting fuller lips with little effort and with no harmful effect.
Use of niacin:
It is however a little expensive but applying it directly to your lips gives you faster results but apply in little amount as it cause irritation. You can also mix it in lip balm. but be careful too much use of niacin can cause so much irritation,.
Use of lip gloss:
Applying heavy lip gloss also gives your lips fuller looks. use shimmery lip gloss for this purpose as shimmer enhances your lips in much better way.
Use of eye shadow:
Applying little eye shadow on your lips also gives you pouty smile and it looks so elegant.
Avoid darker shade lipsticks:
Use of darker shades like chocolate gives your lips thin look better to apply shade like red that has a quality of making your lips look broader. use of shades like pink and oranges also give your lips fuller looks. avoid using matte lipsticks for this purpose.


  • Use of plumper or other ingredients might cause irritation so be careful in applying them.
  • Be careful in choosing products for your lips.
  • Use natural colors rather than darker colors as darker shade gives your lips thin effect.
  • Exfoliate your lips not more than two days a week.

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