How to Get Rid of Split Ends

Split ends are a common problem for many people around the world. Hair is composed of layers. Split ends come about when the protective cuticle layer is damaged at the end of the hair, thereby splitting hair into two or more strands. Split ends irk you no matter if you have long, mid-length or short hair. They seem to appear more on dry and frail long hair but can also be witnessed in short hair. Brands maybe promising of repairing the taming split ends but it is not possible since hair doesn’t have regenerative properties. So there is no way to help the damage you have done other than dropping by a salon. Preventing them is as easy as handling hair with concern and intensive care. Split ends are the result of things we do to our hair in the name of beauty such as over processing or over brushing.

Preventing Split Ends:

The first thing mostly women tend to is trim their mane. Trimming is not the ‘only’ solution. Split ends may become persistent due to over processing or over brushing. Recognize the nature of your split ends as it all comes down to how you take care of your hair and employ a number of different methods to combat split ends.

Don’t shampoo every day:

Washing your hair daily with a shampoo would take away the natural oils from the hair that makes it look healthy and give lustrous look. Make sure you avoid washing with hot water it makes your hair frail.

Use Natural conditioners:

split ends
Remember to use a conditioner after shampoo to recover hair’s strength and bring back the shine. You can use natural hair conditioners for effective results such as eggs, coconut oil, and almond oil. Or you can use herbal ones such as shikakai and amla.

Avoid over processing your hair:

Bleach, hair colors, perms all contain harsh chemicals that have adverse effects on your hair and damage the protective layer of your hair. If these products are applied for too long, or in high concentration, or too often they can result in dull, frizzy hair that can easily break, causing split ends.

Save brushing for dry hair:

Don’t brush your when it’s wet. This can stretch the hair, making it break off easily. Instead, comb it gently, with a wide toothed comb and with the application of hair so that it detangles.

Avoid heat exposure to your locks:

Heating your hair excessively can result in damaging them. Make sure you partially cool down your hair a bit and then apply it heat or else using heat on wet hair can make the water in the hairs stream heat up, leading to weak fibers that can break off hair easily. Stay away from heat rollers, blow-dryers, curlers, straightener as they are more likely to cause breakages.

Watch what you eat:

Our hair needs nutrition intake to make it grow healthy and strong. To protect yourself from getting split ends, take a healthy nutritious diet.

Salt, Chlorine and Hard water Damages:

Make sure you wash your hair after every gym or swimming session, because salt from the workout sweat and chlorine from a swim in chlorinated water may lead to damages to your hair.

Say NO to styling products:

If you are in a habit of using a lot of products to stylize your hair such as hair sprays or gels then you are making your hair vulnerable to damages.

How to pull your hair back?

Use a stretchable elastic or fabric to pull your hair back. Plastic or metal clips can break hair, as can tight ponytails or braids.

Nourish your scalp:

Nourish your scalp with warm oil treatments. Dry scalp can be cause of split ends. Take in food that has Vitamin A and D in profusion, such as almond oil.

Protect your hair from sun:

Too much of sun rays can make your hair dry, weak, brittle. When heading out, wear a wide-brimmed hat to save your hair from damage!

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