Hair Care Tips for Smooth and Silky Hairs

Hairs are very visible organ or part of the body and 90 percent of your personality is enhanced by it through proper styling or through the texture of your hairs or the way you put them whenever you go to any place. Proper care is needed to them to look beautiful and attractive among others. Rough and dry hairs damage your personality and self esteem. Silky and shiny hairs are the desire of every woman. Silky hairs express and perceive general wellness. Shiny hairs are the trademark of beauty. It gives you a healthier look. There are some simple shortcuts and techniques you can apply to your daily life to get lustrous and healthy silky sleek hairs.

Choose good quality shampoo:

Our hairs are so sensitive that it gets damaged easily by the use of cheap products. While purchasing shampoo, don’t forget to consider the brand and reliability of the product. Always demand for quality products for your hairs. Choose shampoos according to your hair type don’t go with the choices of others make your decision wisely.

Avoid cold water:

Wash your hairs with Lukewarm water as cold water damages your hair's cuticle and inhibit its growth. It is very common concept that dirt and oil easily removed by warm water just like that your scalp also need cleanliness from dirt and oil and cold water don’t do this job properly.

Comb your hairs:

Try to make habit of combing hair every night before sleeping in upward position. It enhances blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Always use soft brush so that your cuticles don’t get damaged.

Heat treatment:

After washing your hairs cover them with hot towel to provide heat to your scalp. It will soften your cuticles and promote healthy growth and softness to your damaged and rough hairs.

Use conditioner:

Use conditioner of any good quality every time you wash your hairs. Conditioner helps to inhibit hair fall add strength to it and give them shiny and silky looks. After washing your hair apply conditioner for 2 minutes all over your hairs but remember don’t apply it on your scalp. Conditioner gives best result when it applies evenly to all your hairs especially to the ending tips of hairs which are more prone to damage.

Avoid too much shampoo:

As shampoo contains so many chemicals so it’s better to wash your hairs thrice a week or alternate days. Daily use of shampoo damages your hairs and weakens them and further makes them dry and rough no matter from whatever brand it belongs. It’s better to avoid it as much as you can. Although you can rinse your hair daily with Lukewarm water.

Use shampoo on wet hairs:

Never apply shampoo to dry hairs as it stick on them and difficult to rinse off making the texture of your hairs rough. Wash your hairs thoroughly with water first for a minute then apply little shampoo by putting it first into your palms and them evenly apply to your scalp and massage gently to avoid breakage.

Healthy diet:

Healthy diet promotes good health. It’s better to spend money on healthy diet rather than on expensive products and treatments. Your are what you eat. So eat well and stay healthy and fresh. Add fruits and vegetable to your diet. Legumes and lentils are very healthy for hairs as they contain protein. Eat meat and poultry as well as they are also very good source of proteins but limit their amount in your diet. Stay away from junk foods as they only contains calories.

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